Twelve Moments in Anime No. 9: Phantom’s Close

I already wrote an enormous post defending the controversial ending of Phantom ~Requiem for the Phantom~ and won’t be recapping that here. But the closing moments of Phantom‘s finale are some of the most memorable of the year for me not just because I believe it is the right ending for this show’s story, but also because I’m always glad to see studios shake things up a bit, even at the risk of swift and furious anger directed at them. (Spoilers for Phatnom within. Read at your own risk.)

Bee Train had to know killing Reiji — and possibly Ellen — at the end, just when it seems as though both have found their ideal life, would piss off a ton of people. I haven’t finished any Bee Train assassin anime before this (got halfway through Noir before abandoning it, for reasons I cannot recall, and I haven’t watched any of the others), so I don’t know if this kind of ending is common with them (although it is a common type of ending with assassin movies), but the suddenness of the ending really surprised me, even if the end result wasn’t completely shocking. (Although I admit to thinking Ellen would die at the end rather than Reiji.)

Initially, I was one of those incredibly angered by the ending. Reiji and Ellen are far from perfect characters, but they were the most sympathetic in the series, and many rooted for a happy end for the two. But after allowing a bit of breathing room, instead of launching into a rage, I was able to cool my head and admire the brief storm of discussion surrounding it.

Is it a brilliant, mind-blowing ending? Not quite. But it’s true to the story being told, and it made a hell of a lot of people feel very strongly about it, so I have to give it up to Bee Train for having the nuts to go through with it. I salute you for delivering a memorable moment. *salute*

3 Responses to “Twelve Moments in Anime No. 9: Phantom’s Close”

  1. I personally loved the way they ended this anime. Definitely a very memorably ending

  2. This is also one of the most memorable moment for me this year. Powerful and completely shocking :)

  3. Dallas Says:

    The rage storm floating around my head is still there, great ending and very memorable..too bad I was hopeing for a happy ending, and slowly each of the 3 “Phantoms” die off. All though it was a great ending, and depressing it does go well with the whole assassin role, and the “Happy Ending” thing is cliche, think about it almost every movie ends happily this just changes it up a little.

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