Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood – 38

Man, I’ve been slacking off worse than usual lately. I blame it on Pokemon Platinum, which I got for Christmas. That game is too damn addicting. I’m going to need a Pokeaddicts Anonymous meeting soon . . .

In an episode with a good fight and a couple of good emotional moments, it’s absolutely amazing that Yoki of all people steals the show. But holy crap is that silent film backstory exposition of his ever hilarious. Love how completely biased it is toward Yoki (especially regarding Ed’s evil facial expressions, haha), and the use of Brotherhood‘s “Shit is going down!” music had me rolling. The appearance of Armstrong’s other family members is just the icing on the cake. It might have been a bit out of place in this episode, but I cannot in good conscience criticize something that made me laugh so much, especially since it improves Yoki’s story in such a huge way. (Frankly, I thought that episode was one of the most boring of FMA‘s original run.)

Definitely don’t want to ignore the other happenings in this episode, though. The fight between Scar and the chimera is pretty good, particularly since BONES squeezed out an extra bit of effort to make it look really good. I like that opponents are actually bothering to do some research before going into battle, although you’d think they would not be so eager to volunteer their strategies. I guess they cannot resist getting in a few digs because they believe they have the battle won. And how wrong they turn out to be when the Elric Brothers hit the scene.

Their planned excuse for attacking the chimeras is actually fairly clever, though fairly risky at the same time because it assumes the chimeras do not know how much the Elrics know about the true state of the military. That’s what happens when there are levels of secrets within an organization, however. If they had been told, “Hey, the Elrics know about all the shit we’re pulling, so no need to go easy on them,” then they would not have been fooled again so easily. Then again, that criticism also assumes that the chimeras themselves are aware of what is going on above them, which isn’t completely safe to assume. They know something is going on, because, you know, they’re living proof of that something, but they’re also presumably kept under strict secrecy, so I suppose believing the Elrics have little to no knowledge of chimera soldiers is the prudent thought process in that situation.

UNMEI KAIHEN: Where petty overanalysis happens!!

This is a pretty strong, heavy moment, and I wish we could have seen more, but oh well. Winry’s stepped past the “blind rage” portion of her grief, and, I think, is really just trying to seek some sort of understanding so that she can finally move forward, just as so many other people in the series have kept going despite some pretty severe demons in their pasts. Scar, of course, offers no excuse for the deaths of the Rockbells because he does not want to make excuses for himself; he tries not to show it, but the guy feels a ton of guilt for what he has done, and committing mass slaughter is not really so much for vengeance (although that is a part of it) so much as it is a way to punish himself further for everything that has happened in his life.

Scar is just another in a long line of people in this series who desperately needs to move forward; in fact, he is the person who probably needs to move forward most, because he is so completely rooted in his past — even more than the Elrics, who, while continuing their search for their missing bodies/parts, have at least come to terms with the sins they committed.

Olivier looking out for her soldiers is a great moment, too. I don’t think anyone doubted that she would abandon them; however, the broken watch is a good way for her to show her men that she will never leave them behind, no matter how much time passes. Olivier knows better than anyone that Briggs would not be as strong as it is without the combined effort of everyone contributing to the whole — every part is important, and she rewards that importance with extreme loyalty. She doesn’t betray a hint of this at all, but when Buccaneer says that only two men survived the trek into the tunnel, I bet Olivier felt two things: Relief that anyone even survived at all, and pain that she lost good soldiers into the darkness.

Not going to comment on much else because that would go into spoiler territory, and I think I’ll hold off on too much teasing this week, for Scamp’s sake. :p

6 Responses to “Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood – 38”

  1. The Yoki story was pretty awesome I have to say. The funniest part though is that even though his story is told in his words, we see him doing a lot of silly things in the actual video which is all the better. The getting kicked out of the casino part made me laugh out loud :)

  2. I feel like the Yoki story really knocked the pace of this episode off-kilter. It seemed like 10 minutes (5?) wasted on such a minor character.

    The developments at the end were great though. Winry’s kidnapping, which I thought made the most sense for Ed and Al, and I guess there’s a shit storm brewing for Olivier. I hope she doesn’t hold back on those guys.

  3. clinton Says:

    crap thats a spolier

  4. Emelie Says:

    I love Fullmetal Alchemist, but I prefer to read it :) Is the Brotherhood done yet or is it still going? :) Mary Christmas!

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