Ookamikakushi – 4

The bits and pieces of weirdness are starting to seep through the cracks more with each episode of Ookamikakushi.

This disease (for lack of a better word) that Issei and others in the village seem to have is at the forefront of everything at the moment. In just about every situation we have seen the telltale symptoms of whatever this is (most notably the glowing red eyes), the character in question was close to getting his or her freak on, or perhaps just really horny. But I don’t think sexual excitement is the stimulus for the symptoms; rather, it seems pretty clear that it is the reverse — the disease itself causes a raging case of boner.

The real question right now is: Why? Where does it come from? Right now I am thinking it is man-made, but it’s of course not really clear why someone would purposefully want to turn select teenagers into uncomfortable molesters. You would have to be pretty freakin’ strange — not to mention obscenely bored — to want to make teenagers much more horny (aren’t they already doing a good enough job themselves??), so I wonder if that is the only side effect. What happens when the disease is left unchecked by either the medicine or the Wolf Brigade slaughtering people?

The obvious guess would be that they turn into wolves. So allow me to make the obvious guess! Vampire stories get all the press when it comes to sex in horror, but it’s not as if werewolf stories are any strangers to sexual metaphor. Makes sense to me!

RP rightly points out the strangeness of Isuzu’s mom telling Isuzu, after Isuzu learns that Issei has gone to the hospital for medicine, “You don’t have to worry. You are our children.” I don’t think Isuzu’s mom is being neglectful regarding Issei’s sickness — more likely than not she knows full well what is going on with him. So why does she seem so confident that nothing bad will happen? Does she believe the Wolf Brigade won’t go after Issei? Do Isuzu’s parents have more clout than one might initially be led to believe?

Or, perhaps, does Issei’s mom intend to let whatever disease this is continue to take a hold on Issei until he transforms into a wolf? We don’t really know what the medicine does. Is it something that actually fights against the disease, or does it simply suppress the the symptoms? I don’t want to be too quick to condemn Issei’s mom after one appearance and some sinister dialogue, but like Nemuru’s uncle, there’s a decent possibility she has some sort of ulterior motive.

Speaking of suspicious characters, Kaori immediately raised red flags for me, but part of that may be the bias the series has instilled in me by virtue of being a mystery/horror show — you can never trust anyone 100 percent. It seems at first that Kaori does not know Hiro or Mana; however, she gives them a couple of looks — especially after they leave — that suggest otherwise. Doesn’t mean she’s bad, of course. It just means she is aware of them before she is meant to be.

Something else RP points out that I totally overlooked is that apparently the drifter is the same guy selling pharmaceuticals to Nemuru’s uncle. (He is also the guy we’ve seen having nightmares in the darkened room, right?) This guy is all over the place right now, so whatever motive he has right now is tough to pin down. He seems to not be fond of the Wolf Brigade and to also recognize Kaori, although she does not seem to recognize him. (Always a good sign.)

The “urban” village is hanging out in the back of my mind right now. I wonder what role those people will have to play in all of this? It would be hilarious if all the crazy people in the rural town were actually the good guys, and the people in the urban town were somehow worse.

3 Responses to “Ookamikakushi – 4”

  1. LuniazKun Says:

    Nice take there on the words of Izusu’s mum. I was simple-mindedly thinking of Izusu and her brother being adopted children, lol.

    Perhaps her mum was thinking of the fact that they were formerly from the rural part of Jouga and thus won’t be subjected to the Wolf Brigade whom she assumes to be only after new immigrants.

    By the way, I think Kaori did recognise the drifter, but was hiding it away from him. This could explain why she was probably unable to suppress her feelings for him any longer and eventually get hunted down by the Wolf Brigade.

  2. LuniazKun Says:

    Ok screw the last paragraph, I was initially thinking that the guy in the beginning of the episode was the same guy as the drifter, but I guess I got too carried away with the drifter’s flashback in Episode 2. =X

  3. He is also the guy we’ve seen having nightmares in the darkened room, right?

    Oh yeah, you’re right. Good eye. I didn’t pick up on that. I went back and watched the flashback in ep 2, apparently Kaori is the girl he was engaged to and the one he found dead in a pool of blood.

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