High School of the Dead 7 – Half-Naked Rescue

Pretty good episode here. The fanservice momentum is rolling along, but it doesn’t really come at the expense of the action — Operation Rescue Little Girl is executed well by our main crew, and now they are finally off to do what they set out to do at the beginning of the series. I doubt many of their family members are alive at this point, but might as well check, right? They should be fine, anyway, what with our heroes leveling up in fighting ability with each episode. Are they Saiyans or something? Damn.

Death chart time!

Takashi: Makes up for his fight with Rei last episode by saving a little girl this episode with his clumsy motorcycle ninja tactics. Little girls and puppies love Takashi. He is a true hero! Also his footsteps are apparently quiet enough to never attract the attention of zombies, even when he is inches away from their ears. Now that is some sneaky walking.

Likelihood of survival: He’d probably have to serve himself up on a silver platter to the zombies at this point. Takashi a la mode sounds good.

Rei: A Takashi boner was apparently all it took for her to get over their fight in the last episode, since she solidly supports Takashi in Operation Rescue Little Girl here even though it guarantees that they will not be able to stay in the home. Points for being a (half-naked) trooper.

Likelihood of survival: She has (almost) kissed and made up with Takashi, so danger is alleviated for the moment.

Kouta: Damn, just give the boy a gun and he will work wonders with it, huh? Pretty much a solid sniper from the beginning, and his shotgun has a bit of extra kick to it. Plus the lucky bastard finds himself in the middle of a boob sandwich on more than one occasion during the big rescue sequence. He’s living the dream, man. Living the dream!

Likelihood of survival: Here’s my theory — Kouta will not die from a zombie bite; rather, he will die from blood loss from being around these good-looking women so much. A man can nosebleed only so much, after all.

Saya: Doesn’t really do too much in this episode aside from provide a bit of fanservice, some good ol’ Gainaxing and a Sengoku Basara-esque “CHAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGE” during the “Let’s run over a bunch of zombies, hell yeah!!” sequence. But, hey, some people have to take a rest every so often.

Likelihood of survival: No change. Speaking of no change, I bet Kouta hopes she never changes out of the outfit she has on right now, amirite?

Saeko: Well, it’s clear that the maid thong costume does not impede Saeko’s fighting ability at all! She’s also the one who makes the subtle push for Takashi to regain his humanity in the wake of all the zombie and human killing. Saeko gives Takashi a cold dose of reality, and he responds by giving that reality a big ol’ Eff You. Just as planned. Also, she gives the audience exactly what it wants by bending over roughly 9,001 times through the course of the episode.

Likelihood of survival: I would like a spin-off featuring Saeko in the thong apron kicking ass the whole time. Please?

Marikawa: . . . I think the image speaks for itself here!

Likelihood of survival: The series is going to exhaust every possible fanservice opportunity with Marikawa before it even thinks about killing her off. They haven’t even scratched the surface yet, I bet.

Shido: Probably off groping some 15-year-olds right now.

Likelihood of survival: You know what they do to pedos in prison, right?

Rika: Not even a token appearance in the episode? Really? :(

Likelihood of survival: She’s going to go on a zombie-killing rampage to make up for not appearing in the episode.

Alice: New character arrives! She doesn’t really have anything to contribute to the group, and is an impediment to their success, really, but she is a cute little girl, so everyone will defend her to the greatest extent possible.

Likelihood of survival: The only ways she dies: 1) She has some sort of incurable disease, because this is anime and that is how moe little girls die, or 2) Frankenstein’s creature shows up and tosses her into a lake.

6 Responses to “High School of the Dead 7 – Half-Naked Rescue”

  1. I’m starting to think Madhouse have outdone Gainax in Gainaxing. There was one scene when Maya came down the stairs and her boobs get bouncing away from at least 5 seconds after she had come to a halt. Unless there was someone underneath her poking them up and down in half-second intervals or something

    • I’ll wait until the end of the series to judge whether Madhouse has outdone the masters, but if the ball bounces the right way (or the breasts, as it were), it will certainly be close.

  2. HA! I’d say that if this was a KyoAni production the chances of Alice dying by incurable disease would be 80%, with another 10-15% taken up by being hit by a moving vehicle. But seriously, I can tolerate the RIDICULOUS amounts of fanservice as long as they mix it up with some action. I must admit that seeing Saeko on top of that Hummer was an incredible scene for several reasons. I don’t even care that she should’ve fallen off that Hummer a half dozen times, or that it makes no sense why she doesn’t at least put on a shir– you know what? I’ll just shut up now.

    • If this were a KyoAni production, then everything would be much more chaste, and I am not even sure how that would work with this series. The universe would probably explode.

  3. I’m starting to wonder if I busted out the episode ratings way too soon (yeah, I remember you told me so) as the current pacing looks like it’s going to push the show into OVA overtime at the very least. Ah well. Your write-up this time really had me cracking up.

    Takashi: He’s got a far better chance of being killed by jealous otaku than he does of being killed by zombies. Since they only break the fourth wall for gravure winking, he’s safe.

    Rei: I’m officially giving up on my troll theory. She wants his crowbar, hard. I’m looking forward to the inevitable cat fights, which could prove more life threatening than the zombies.

    Kouta: He’s truly living the dream. And he’s going to need a transfusion soon.

    Saya: Those “pants.” I agree with you and Kouta. That is all.

    Saeko: Tell me where to sign the petition.

    Shizuka: So many combinations not yet touched. I mean, button down shirt + glasses? Or button down shirt + socks? There’s just so much there that remains untapped (criminally so).

    Shido: Again strikes out in the fanservice episode, thank all that is holy.

    Rika: Another criminal omission. Hopefully they make up for it later.

    I’m leaving the ratings as-was because we didn’t cover a lot of ground this time. Based on what happens next time I may have to do a complete overhaul, but we’ll see….

    Takashi (13)
    Rei (12)
    Kouta (10)
    Saya (10)
    Saeko (12)
    Shizuka (OVA + VG franchise)
    Shido (13)
    Rika (12)
    Random kids (7-9)

  4. Crud, due to copy/pasta fiasco I didn’t get Alice in there. As there have been no seesaw sightings, I’m putting her initial rating at 12 because she’s too moe to be killed off in the immediate future. ;)

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