A super cool, groovy project.

Ever since Ogiue Maniax made this post, I’ve wondered whether anyone had ever documented fake brands in anime — speficially, brands animation studios concoct as parodies of real brands so that viewers are reminded of a certain company/product without the real brand owners having cause to sue the ever loving fuck out of the animation studios. A bit of research I did uncovered several forum threads dedicated to this premise, along with the occasional website/blog post, but never a single site whose sole purpose was cataloguing parody brands.

So after a while of waffling, I’ve started to fill that void with a Tumblr blog: IT’S A SOMY

I’m just one guy, however; I fully intend for this to be a collaborative project. Submission is easy: Just take a screenshot of a parody brand, take note of the information (anime title + scene context, if you think it’s needed) and upload it somewhere I can get to it (any image hosting site is fine — Imageshack, Photobucket, Twitpic, etc.). I give full credit to anyone who makes a contribution. I can be contacted in numerous places — comments on this site, my MAL account, Twitter, my e-mail address (listed in the About section) and so on. Feel free to bombard me with screenshots. I’m also keeping a list of every parody brand handy so that there won’t be any duplicates; however, if multiple studios come up with the same brand, then that is free game.

Let’s make this site big enough so that eventually any anime fan can browse through it for hours and have a few chuckles at silly consumerism!

EDIT: Tumblr users can now directly submit posts for approval. Just follow the listed guidelines, and you’ll be cool.

8 Responses to “A super cool, groovy project.”

  1. It’s actually one of the first projects I worked on. It was so common I gave up after my first post.

  2. I submitted mine. It’s pretty obviously me.

  3. adaywithoutme Says:


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