Kimi ni Todoke 29 – Kicking Ass and Taking Names

Oh man, Ayane, you are my most favorite of favorites right now. She is basically the audience proxy right now, and I love her for cutting through all the bullshit and giving Sawako and Kazehaya the metaphorical and literal kicks in the asses they need to get a move on already. Sawako may not be completely turned around after one talk, but at least she knows she is sending Kazehaya mixed signals, and Kazehaya has more evidence that he is acting like a dumbass. Of course, he is still going to puss out for now with Kent around. Jeez.

(By the way, did I call it or did I call it? This episode IMMEDIATELY launches into Sawako being confused and worrying right after Kazehaya specifically told her not to worry. That’s maybe the most predictable moment I’ve ever seen in anime.)

But, yes, it seems that Ayane is determined that this be the final season of Kimi ni Todoke; I, of course, share her determination, because romance series can survive on waffling for only so long before the audience gets bored. And Kimi ni Todoke is long past the survival point. Really, it’s at the point where the characters must start feasting on their own to get the necessary nourishment to survive another day. You know why Ayane is so frustrated? Because it would take just one character opening his or her mouth for the romance to be resolved. The slower Sawako moves, the more unbelievable she becomes, and the more Kazehaya must wait, the blander he becomes.

Speaking of lame misunderstandings, I almost titled this post “IRONY ALERT IS AT DEFCON 5″ because of this scene. Oh man . . . Kent accuses Kazehaya of not knowing Sawako at all and misunderstanding her intentions, but he is the one who misunderstands Kazehaya’s intentions due to rumors and hearsay! Wow! Oi. Oh, that Kazehaya, he just can’t help but lend a hand to the poor, downtrodden masses. He can’t possibly like Sawako or anything, right? No way! Nice of Kent’s perceptiveness to disappear when it’s most beneficial to the script. He can read Sawako like a book, but I guess Kazehaya is a bundle of mysteries.

(Of course, there is the possibility that Kent knows full well that Kazehaya likes Sawako and is merely trying to undermine Kazehaya for his own purposes. To that I counter: Then why the hell even bother showing the scene in the previous episode where he hears about Kazehaya’s proclivity to help out those who are ignored by most other people? It’s unnecessary if Kent is being nefarious with his actions. Then again, I guess it wouldn’t be beyond this series to include an unnecessary scene for no reason.)

I’m just looking forward to the inevitable Kent/Ayane clash. It is coming eventually. She’s already got her eye on him, after all. Once she catches wind of the damage Kent is doing to Kazehaya’s confidence, and how confused he is making Sawako, there will be hell to pay for our friendly, blond-haired flirt. Oh, there will be hell to pay, indeed.

There are only two people in this series I can excuse for being dumbasses: Chizuru and Pin, both because they are hilarious dumbasses.

5 Responses to “Kimi ni Todoke 29 – Kicking Ass and Taking Names”

  1. Actually, I think the scene where Ken learns about Kazehaya’s need to help the hopeless was quite important for this week’s episode. I think he definitely knows Kazehaya likes Sawako, and he used his newfound information about Kazehaya against him to help shatter his confidence. It gave him a reason to pull Kazehaya aside and further the distance between our two leads. “You helped her make friends just like you wanted, now stop meddling and leave the girl live her life. It’s not like she needs you anymore. It’s not like there’s any other reason to hang around her anymore. You’ll just make it worse for her.” Of course Kazehaya won’t counter that he wants to spend time with Sawako because he actually likes her and doesn’t just want to help her. Then, at the end of the conversation, Ken asks if Kazehaya likes someone. I think this was pure taunting on his part. He said, “Just got out with her, then!” just to kick him when he was already down. At least, that’s how I’ve interpreted things so far.

    • See, that interpretation makes sense, but it’s still heavyhanded (on the show’s part, not yours). Using that information is basically the equivalent of, “Oh, so he likes to HELP PEOPLE, eh? OH HO HO *twirls mustache*” It’s not like it’s some big revelation that Kazehaya would want to help people. That’s why I think that scene is unnecessary — you don’t really need it for Ken’s plan of attack (if that’s indeed what it is) to make sense. The audience doesn’t need obvious pointers like that. We’re smart enough to figure it out.

  2. Putting it that way, you’re right, we probably didn’t need to see that scene. I guess I’m too used to anime treating us like dunces and leading us through plot by the hand! Doh. Also lol @ the mental image I got of Ken twirling his mustache, laughing diabolically.

    • lol, yeah, I know the feeling. S’alright. Also, Ken’s mustache twirling would be awesome because it would be a blond mustache.

  3. I think the trick here is the mixed signals BOTH Sawako and Kazehaya were sending. Kent is apparently sharp enough to figure out Sawako’s feelings since he’s interested in her. But he turned out to be at a bad state when it came to Kazehaya. Unlike Kazehaya, Kent doesn’t seem to be the type who would think too deep about guys feelings, or even girls he’s not interested in. So Kent was “bluffed” by the rumors then Kazehaya’s actions, while Kazehaya is keeping a close eye on Kent. That conversation between them clearly told who already won the match! XP

    Also, Ayane is doing the perfect overkill job here! I can’t wait for her to smash Kent’s confidence to pieces. Poor dude chose the wrong group of high-schoolers to mess around with. XD

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