Nihon Reviewing

So I’m now one of two new staffers at The Nihon Review, along with Eternal of Memories of Eternity. (By the way, he’s coming to Los Angeles for Anime Expo during Fourth of July weekend for anyone who needs more incentive to attend! As if meeting me weren’t already a transcendent experience.) I’m definitely looking forward to spamming the site by giving 10s to everything I review! Just kidding, Sorrow-kun, ol’ buddy, ol’ pal.

I’m mainly looking to contribute to the anime reviews section and occasionally to the live action section (I need to watch more Japanese flicks). Whenever I come up with ideas that are better suited for shorter posts than my long-winded rambling here, then I’ll pop up on Behind the Nihon Review as well (and, obviously, I’ll be on the staff-wide posts). My main hope is to review series that don’t get as much attention as the more popular stuff, and to one day pick up the torch as the resident mecha dork on staff. Too bad Kavik Ryx already reviewed a lot of what I have seen! My dopey Macross and G Gundam references on my profile will have to suffice for now. :(

Anyway, for the curious, my activity there will not affect my posting habits here. I wouldn’t have accepted the position if I didn’t think I could also continue posting regularly here. UNMEI KAIHEN ain’t going anywhere.

By the way, my first review is up at the site. I felt sort of weird being like, “THIS IS A 10, DAMN IT” my first time out, but fuck it, Rose of Versailles is just that damn good.

19 Responses to “Nihon Reviewing”

  1. Yay! Now we can have secret meetings and gossip about Sorrow-kun… I mean review under-appreciated classics for the betterment of the community. Yeah. >_>

  2. So, if I watch RoV and hate it, I get to blame The Nihon Review?

  3. Amazing how Sorrow keeps on poaching members of the blogosphere, eh? I might have been the first one too!

  4. Just more evidence of circle jerking in The Nihon Review. Enjoy it man!

  5. Two-timing blogger! (My favorite kind)

  6. Great! I was wondering where that “10” in Nihon Review came from…

  7. This is a grand day! Fresh air and friendly vibes for all!

  8. Awesome! Now I’ll get to see you in two places.

  9. Congrats I’m in to read your “spamming” there XD

    And Rose of Versailles deserves the “10” you gave it. Awesome stuff! It has one of my oldest memories as a kid when my siblings were addicted to it and we were watching the Arabic dub in VHS =O

    ِِ(AR OP was decent too!)

  10. Wooot grats man :D

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