The Latest Deadman Wonderland Sucked, So Have a Happy Mother’s Day Instead

Urge to write about Deadman Wonderland . . . falling . . .

Anyway, have a happy Mother’s Day, folks. Don’t know if any moms read this rinky dink site, but if you do, hopefully your kids treat you well today. Everyone else, give mom some extra attention today, unless she’s a terrible mother or you hate her or something.

There are lots of great moms in anime, but my favorite mother figure is the Major from Ghost in the Shell. Like any mom worth her salt, she looks after her kids (in this case the folks in Section 9) with a steely eye, and if anyone threatens them, she protects them with a ferocity unmatched by anyone. And she helps build the best possible environment for her young’uns to kick as much ass as possible, with the Major at the frontlines. Section 9 is a family, and the Major is the matriarch who leads by example, much as any mother should. If the Major has your back, you’re going to turn out all right.

10 Responses to “The Latest Deadman Wonderland Sucked, So Have a Happy Mother’s Day Instead”

  1. Oh boy, I can’t wait to read what you don’t say about the next episode!

  2. I never thought about the Major as the mom of Section 9, but then she does keep them in line in the most hilarious ways (see Batou’s self-punch-out).

  3. Section 9 and their Tachikomas have been successfully only because Mama knows best :B

  4. I fall in love with the Major all over again every time I see that pic.

  5. [...] have to admit, as Shinmaru said, blogging Deadman Wonderland has become discouraging.  There’ve been hints of the adaptation [...]

  6. skyhack Says:

    Love that shot of the Major, just before she goes stealth and snuffs a bad guy…

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