Sister Princess Saturday Report! No. 4 – Drugs Are Bad, M’mkay?

Although the sisters were meant to remain pure in service to the Sister Princess, they would occasionally go stray, and not just by committing acts of murder. Just below the cheery surface of Promised Island existed a bustling black market, where one could purchase anything that suited one’s needs.

Hinako had been very tired as of late. Ever since Wataru swooped into the lives of the girls and they spent every waking hour catering to his needs and preparing him for his inevitable sacrifice, Hinako had slowly gone into withdrawal without regular doses of the substance to which she found herself addicted. The innate magical powers she shared with the rest of her sisters helped quell the worst of the pains, but constant use of those powers drained her to the point where she spent every day in bed, listless and bereft of life.

She needed to find her pusher. Badly.

Hinako’s sisters had been worried. If something were to happen to Hinako, then the sacrifice would not be able to take places — legends dictated that all 12 sisters were necessary to purify the sacrifice’s soul before sending it on to the Sister Princess for consumption. However, before the sisters could do anything about it, Hinako had sneaked out the house, desperate to find the pusher she had witnessed in a hazy dream fueled by withdrawal: Mr. Teddy Bear.

Mr. Teddy Bear was an elusive figure on Promised Island. Nobody had dealt with him in person; he preferred to send proxies for his drug deals. It was safer that way. Occasionally there would be someone fool enough to double-cross Mr. Teddy Bear; however, swift justice would always come to those who dared to place their hands inside the cookie jar. The heads of Mr. Teddy Bear’s various victims were located at random spots on Promised Island, out of sight from normal visitors. If one knew where to look, though, they were easily visible.

Soon Kaho noticed that Hinako had slipped out, and thus flew into a rather idiotic panic. She did not know what to do, so she did the first thing that came to mind: She walked into Wataru’s room and tripped like a mental patient. While her tactics were frustratingly simple, she at least managed to grab Wataru’s attention.

“What’s wrong?” Wataru asked.

“Look at this!” Kaho replied, thrusting a note into Wataru’s hands. The note read simply, “Going out to look for Mr. Teddy Bear. — Hina” Even has dull as Kaho was in the mind, she realized the implications of Hinako’s note. Wataru, however, was clueless and believed Hinako meant a literal teddy bear. A safe assumption to make, to be sure, but one that could also be dangerous on this island. Alas, it was not yet time for Wataru to die, so dear reader, I ask that you not raise your hopes at this all too early juncture.

It did not take long for Wataru to find Hinako, because Hinako possessed tiny legs, and thus was not able to travel very far after she left. Still believing as he did that this abnormal girl was a regular elementary school-aged girl, Wataru chastised Hinako for sneaking away from the home on some damn fool idealistic crusade and making her sisters worried. Hinako by that point was nearly driven mad from withdrawal pains and was very close to murdering Wataru on the spot. Some shockingly rational corner of her mind dissuaded her from this course of action, however. A shame, that.

Hinako was not sure about taking Wataru along with her on a journey to find Mr. Teddy Bear, but she needed drugs, and she needed them badly, so eventually she relented and let Wataru accompany her as they passed by various shops in the town square.

On the outside, each shop appeared to be the same variety of shop Wataru had visited during his arrival at the island when he bumped into Sakuya. But many of these shops were fronts for gangsters and the like. When Hinako and the shopkeepers would lock eyes, they had a sort of secret code they would act out to conduct transactions. Unfortunately for Hinako, not a single shopkeeper seemed to have her particular drug of choice. Oh, she could have purchased any illicit substance: Cocaine, heroin, marijuana, etc. But none of those drugs would have given her the high she truly desired.

Hinako and Wataru traveled from shop to shop, seeking the perfect substance that would lift Hinako into the sky. Wataru did not know what they were really searching for, of course, and he proceeded to patronize Hinako by shoving various stuffed animals into her face and making them speak with baby voices. He truly was the idiot of idiots. By the end of the day, with no drugs in sight, Hinako was exhausted and babbling endlessly while Wataru carried her on his back. Wataru took her ramblings to be affirmations of his worth as a big brother, and he felt a great warmth spread through his heart as Hinako’s tiny body leaned against his back.

When they arrived back home, the sisters were relieved to see both Hinako and Wataru safe and sound. They then said that a package had just arrived for Hinako. The package was opened, and out from it sprang a large teddy bear — wide-eyed, Hinako shouted, “That’s it! That’s Mr. Teddy Bear!” as Wataru stared at the giant bear incredulously. The bear seemed to Wataru to have an unusual texture as he held it in his hands, but before he could make any more observations, Hinako snatched the bear and ran to her room as fast as her tired little legs could carry her.

When she got into her room, she slammed the door behind her and locked it. Then she ripped open the bear from neck to navel, and out poured packages of her drug of choice, along with a small note: “Hope you enjoy. — Mr. Teddy Bear” Smiling to herself, Hinako plowed herself headfirst into happiness.

Wataru was none the wiser, and his notes reveal as such. “I hope Hina has a fun time with her bear!” he wrote. This narrator is unsure why this day was written about in such detail, but alas.

It is perhaps worth noting that this entire time, Chikage sat in her darkened room and uselessly read from tarot cards the entire time in a misguided attempt to predict the events of this day. She did not make her flesh and blood very proud with these actions.

2 Responses to “Sister Princess Saturday Report! No. 4 – Drugs Are Bad, M’mkay?”

  1. You turn this into something I’d want to watch–too bad I don’t have the imagination to actually watch the show while pretending that this is what’s going on. Instead, this is enjoyable.

    • I would totally watch this, too. I am glad I do not have the scruples to keep me from making fictional little kids into drug addicts.

      What really sealed it for me is how utterly lifeless Hinako looked at the beginning when she didn’t have her stupid giant ass teddy bear. It was immediate like, “Holy shit, she is a total druggie!” Kids get hooked earlier than ever, it seems.

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