Sister Princess Saturday Report! No. 11 – We’re On a Sub

If I had my way, I would spent the rest of my days reminding everyone of Wataru’s pathetic rescue operation, but alas, there is unfortunately more tale to be told.

Despite the fact that they lived on an island caught in the throes of a perpetual summer, the Sisters offered to take Wataru on a vacation. The true purpose of this “vacation”, however, was lost on Wataru, as it always was. He learned how to swim — sort of — but was nonetheless always caught up in the tide.

The final preparations were being made before everyone cast off to who knows where. Wataru ran into Kaho in front of the house.

“What are you doing?” Wataru asked.

“I’m watering the flowers!” Kaho shouted. “I have to feed them their yum yums so that they’re super duper big and strong while we’re away!” She made to jump in the air and pump her fist, but instead she tripped over her own feet and smacked her head against the circle of rocks that surrounded the flower bed.

“Ouchies!” she said, grinning and rubbing her forehead. The foolish girl. I always suspected she secretly enjoyed the pain that came with being a clumsy idiot. Of course, her clumsiness should not buy your sympathy, dear reader: Because she had earned Wataru’s complete trust by being unable to last more than five seconds without getting into some sort of ridiculous accident, she frequently entered Wataru’s room without garnering his suspicion and ransacked his belongings, spreading corruption and destruction wherever she went. That is what should earn your sympathy. It is perhaps the one time that Kaho’s annoying tendencies were ever put to good use.

I do not wish to praise her too much, however. Any idiot could have destroyed Wataru’s room without garnering his suspicion. He truly was a special breed of moron.

“Um, that’s nice,” Wataru said. Kaho skipped off to spread more evil in her wake, while Wataru went inside. He was met at the door by a few of the Sisters. Sakuya thrust a leaflet into Wataru’s hands.

“What’s this?” Wataru asked.

“It’s a vacation guide,” Sakuya said. “Apparently Rinrin made them.” When Wataru peeked inside the leaflet, Sakuya rolled her eyes. Rinrin kept quiet most of the time, but she could be an annoying, controlling busybody when she wanted. She planned the vacation down to the letter, and had even provided for transportation for the trip.

“That’s right!” Rinrin said, popping out of nowhere. “Just follow me and we’ll be off! Oh, and could you carry my bags, Bro?”

“Ours, too!” the other Sisters, shouted, likewise materializing out of thin air at the prospect of someone doing work for them. They piled their luggage into Wataru’s arms and ran off while Wataru slowly dragged the luggage a few inches at a time. Hours later, he finally made it to the spot where everyone waited.

“So slow, Bro!” Rinrin shouted, poking Wataru hard on the forehead. The force pushed Wataru slightly backward, and he lost his balance, spilling all the luggage on top of himself. The Sisters all had a good laugh at Wataru’s misery.

“Wow, I can’t believe this!” Wataru said, after getting up and dusting himself off. “It’s a real submarine! . . . And it’s on the land!”

“Yep!” Rinrin said. “Pretty awesome, right? Don’t be shy, praise me!”

“Whatever,” Sakuya said, strolling past Rinrin. “Let’s just get on this dinghy and shove off already. We have vacationing to do!” Rinrin shot Sakuya an evil glare behind Sakuya’s back, but Wataru was oblivious because his IQ was lower than his age. But we do not have time for more of their petty squabbles, so let us skip ahead of all that nonsense. When they finally got on the submarine that had enough room on top for people to hang around on for some reason. I suppose they weren’t planning to submerge much. But then why make it a submarine? Only Rinrin could answer that question, and I am afraid I have lost her notes regarding this day.

Anyway, they shoved off from the dock and everyone who was there waved as they took off for parts unknown. Wait. When did people show up to see them off? And when did they get to a dock? That photo of the submarine above is clearly on land. When did they get that to a dock? And why am I questioning the logic of these haphazard notes while narrating this slipshod story to you, Dear Reader? It is a mystery.

They set sail even though they did not physically possess a sail, and ventured forth to their destination, wherever that was. The sun shone bright above their heads, lending a pleasant warmth to the trip. Wataru gazed at the ocean on the deck, and then he noticed Karen was standing beside him, looking down at a charm she clasped between her fingers.

“What’s that?” Wataru asked.

“This?” Karen said. “Erm, it’s nothing special — just a charm I keep to remind me of you, Big Brother! Yeah, that’s it.”

“Ooh, really?” Wataru asked. He looked down at the charm. It was a small, pink cylindrical item. Sunlight glistened off it and stabbed at Wataru’s eyes. He winced and handed the charm back to Karen. “It’s, um, nice.”

What Wataru did not know is that he did indeed have a special connection to the charm: Whenever Karen was around him, the charm would steal away parts of his soul, bit by bit, until he was enslaved to her. The process was so slow and subtle that he would not notice it was happening until he had no choice but to obey Karen’s every command. If you ask me, however, Wataru would not have noticed even if the charm ripped out his soul like a layer of skin.

The Sisters and Wataru had a pleasant time as the submarine traveled across the ocean above water to who knows where. Soon, though, dark clouds gathered. A storm was brewing. Lightning flashed in the distance followed by low rumbles of thunder. Sakuya thought she could see cyclones forming not too far from the submarine.

“What’s going on?!” Karen shouted.

“We have company,” Chikage said. “I believe it is a kraken.”

“A what?!” Wataru shouted. But before anyone could answer, a many-tentacled beast arose from the sea. It was an absolute behemoth — each tentacle was long, slimy and slithery, and the beast itself was larger than any house Wataru had ever seen in his life. A few of the kraken’s tentacles wrapped around the submarine and started to drag it below the surface of the sea where it presumably belonged.

“Hold on, everyone!” Rinrin shouted, her voice coming out through several loudspeakers interspersed throughout the deck. “I’m going to fight back against this thing!”

“Whaaaat?!” Wataru shouted. He turned tail and ran below the deck, huddling under a blanket when he got to the room he shared with some of the other Sisters. Wataru could feel the rumbling of the submarine as a massive battle waged all around it. He could hear muffled explosions and roars, and he rolled back and forth across the room as the sub was thrown all about under the sea. Suddenly, everything seemed quiet. The air and water were still; there was not a sound to be heard. A chill ran through Wataru’s spine as he uncovered himself from the blanket.

“Is anyone out th–” Wataru could not finish his sentence before some pressure pushed him toward the floor. His puny brain went into overdrive trying to figure out what was happening. Then he floated into the air, the pressure pushing him in the opposite direction. Before Wataru’s mind could get oriented, though, he suddenly slammed against the floor, and the wind was knocked out of his body.

Hours passed, and finally Wataru looked up. Confused, he stumbled out of the room and back on top of the deck; however, the submarine was no longer in the ocean. Instead, it was stuck ashore against rocks caught in the low tide by the shore of a beach. Whatever had happened, Wataru was now stuck on an island somewhere in the middle of nowhere.

“Hello?!” Wataru shouted. “Is anyone there?!”

“Whoa, I can’t believe it, guy!” someone yelled back. “Someone else is here!”

“Who’s that?” Wataru asked. He looked down and saw Mamimi running toward him from the beach. “Um . . . who are you, again?”

“. . .” Mamimi stared at him wordlessly.

. . . And, oh dear. It seems that this is where this week’s notes conclude. I thought I had the other notes Wataru took, but that seems not to be the case! I do hope I locate them before next week . . .

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4 Responses to “Sister Princess Saturday Report! No. 11 – We’re On a Sub”

  1. Marcomax Says:

  2. I expected more water-related puns with your opening paragraphs of ‘cast off’ and ‘caught up in the tide’, but nope :(

    Also, could you perhaps be implying that Wataru is actually extremely old and intelligent?

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