Random Mashup Shit #3

Future Diary episode 3

I wonder how far the series will ratchet up everything before it ends. We’re just at episode 3, and already the psycho stalker girlfriend has a pile of bodies she’s hiding in a closet. Just an unfortunate happening (wink wink) that Yukiteru stumbled upon the corpse room while hanging out at Yuno’s house after their oh so charming date. It sort of reminds me of Infinite Ryvius, which spent the whole series slowly ratcheting  up the tension, and then when things got to the breaking point, the story whipped out a shit ton of crazy plot twists. They should have been unbelievable, but they worked because the tension is manipulated so well that the audience almost has no choice but to be invested in the characters.

Now, I don’t think Future Diary is anywhere close to that level — it’s more that I think it’s like Infinite Ryvius with the fast forward button on. I’m now expecting every character to have some sort of fucked up twist to them, which might be a bad thing, depending on how the show plays it. Or maybe it is a good thing, considering I’m having a difficult time taking the show seriously at all. To be fair, there have been plenty of parts where the story is essentially signaling to the audience that the plot is just going to be silly and crazy. For instance, the part where Deus Ex Machina explains why crazy anime shit can happen in this world: Because he fucked with causality. Translation? Free reign to do anything! Hooray!

I will say that this episode does a decent job of building a sense of unease during the dating shenanigans. You know throughout the episode that the ninth diary holder is occupied, so she won’t come attack Yukiteru and Yuno. But despite that knowledge, the unease doesn’t go away, even though the two are engaged in normal anime dating stuff like traveling through haunted houses and losing their tops in the pool and being pressed against giant teenage titties. The date ends without apparent conflict . . . and then, corpses. Not too bad.

Chihayafuru episode 4

Aww. Chihaya is so sad. It seems pretty clear that when Arata went back to see his grandfather, he had a pretty rough time of it, which then led to him giving up karuta . . . FOR GOOD. It’s not an easy thing by any means to witness a beloved family member die — I’m pretty damn lucky in that it’s something I’ve only rarely had to deal with in my life. But, yeah, I think it’s safe to say that karuta was the last thing on Arata’s mind as he helped care for his ailing grandfather and likely watched him slowly pass away. That’s just the thing to pick up one’s spirits.

So, there you go — you’ve got your wounded guy to heal, and I’m sure Taichi will go along with it and bitch all the while because that is what he does so far in this series. And perhaps he has some wounds of his own to heal, because good-looking guys with emotional scars, amirite? Of course I am. It will be interesting to see how all that fun stuff is mixed in with the karuta tournaments and whatnot. Chihaya already has this high power level mixed in with the instincts of a female tennis player. She will be an unstoppable machine.

6 Responses to “Random Mashup Shit #3”

  1. The thing that strikes me with that comment on Deus Ex Machina is, why bother having a plot at all at that point? I wouldn’t mind them just ditching it and the rest of the series being replaced by crazed Yuno and random out-of-context bloody rampages.

  2. I haven’t started Chihayafuru again since episode two, I do hear good things about it! Guess I should check it out again….

    Damn that episode of Future diary was great! Untill Yuki opened THAT ROOM Gaahhh oh well I remember it from the manga and totally forgot about it….Best moment will still be Yuno’s “good night Yuki” THAT FACE Ahahaha so creepy and fun <3

  3. Eh, to me, it feels pretty stupid to say that Taichi will still be a douche as a teenager. We know that everybody’s a douche as a child, but that doesn’t me-

    oh, right, everybody’s also a douche as a teenager, sorry, forgot about that

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