I’ll try to make this as brief as possible.

I have been an anime fan for a while now, but it is mainly in the past year-and-a-half or so that I have really amped up my interest in the medium. The desire to start an anime blog (as if there weren’t enough on the Internet already) has been germinating in my head for a few months, so, uh, here I am.

I do weekly posts chronicling my viewing habits on my regular blog (The Fighting Mongooses), but it’s nice to have a place to go a bit more in-depth into these things. Like most anime blogs (inb4 no originality) I’ll likely follow a few shows per season, along with the occasional post about a show from the past that I’m watching, or posts targeting a specific aspect of one of my watched series. So it goes.

A couple of caveats: You probably will not see many screenshots here. I’ll show them off to illustrate a point, or because I want an interesting image to break up text, but I figure anyone reading these posts has already watched the episode in question, so it’s not a necessity to put up a ton of images. I also do not do summaries. Again, I write with the expectation that people have watched the episodes. They know what happened. It’s just straight analysis here, or whatever else I want to write. Also, since I cannot speak a lick of Japanese myself, outside of a few phrases that every weeaboo with a computer and Internet access knows, I watch fansubs, so my thoughts will likely go up a bit later than those who work via raws.

Just to give an idea of my tastes: I’ll give just about anything a shot, but I am partial to mecha, am easily impressed by kickass action and shit blowing up, and I love ballsy, crazy stuff when it’s pulled off well. Anything family-related (especially parent/child relationships) makes me weep like a friggin’ baby. Guts, grit and hotblooded passion are awesome. I love romantic-comedies, but when they suck, they REALLY freaking suck. If an anime has a crazy/stoic/hardass chick, I will inevitably fall for her. Except for Revy and Balalaika from Black Lagoon, because they would probably leap out of the screen and rip my balls off if I made even a peep about them.

My five favorite series: Revolutionary Girl Utena (just a perfect storm of everything I love in anime), Monster (story and characters do not compromise for a moment, and it’s an amazing thriller), Eureka Seven (mecha just does not get any better), Kaleido Star (SUGOI~~~~~) and RahXephon (Haruka Shitow <3).



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