Spice and Wolf II – 6


Them’s a mighty nice pair of pants Horo is wearing.

Lawrence’s biggest problem, as he has shown time and again, is that he vastly overthinks everything. His every instinct as a merchant tells him to analyze every single detail in search for the perfect business opportunity. There is always a motive behind something, and behind that motive is another motive, and so on down the line. But when there is a simple lesson to learn — about, say, trust in the people closest to you — well, Lawrence is out of his league there. He doesn’t like to make things simple for himself.

The idea I saw tossed around in various places — that Horo used the feathers as a signal to Lawrence that she had everything under control — turned out, of course, to be correct. (lol @ me for falling into the initial trap. I am just as bad as Lawrence sometimes. Other times I am worse!) Although Horo obviously intended to turn against Amarty from the start, I cannot help but what wonder what exactly Amarty said that sent Horo over the edge. Something about Lawrence? About Horo? Or something else entirely? Horo does not want to address it yet, but maybe we will find out about it down the road. All it’ll take is a few drinks, and Horo will spill everything, you know!


The funniest part is that all of Lawrence’s planning ends up completely useless. Just look at that enormous bag Horo heaves around in the first picture. She didn’t need shit from Lawrence, haha. The stock of Pyrite from the one buyer, the rumor about the wheat, and the potential of getting more Pyrite from the alchemists … not a single thing needed whatsoever. Why? Because Horo needed to show Lawrence that she could be trusted, and that she is not some retard floozy who needs to be protected all the time. (again, lol @ me for saying Horo wanted Lawrence to jump through hoops. It was the last thing she wanted him to do — she berates the guy for almost ruining her plans!)

As much chemistry as Lawrence and Horo have together, this does show they still have a long way to go before they really understand each other. Flirting, while fun and fun to watch in this series, does not a relationship make. Horo has shown that she has learned a lot from being around humans. She’s not nearly as rash or vindictive as she might have once been. Now it’s Lawrence’s turn to stop being such a knucklehead and learn that life does not = economics. He can’t deal with Horo as if she is part of one of his crazy business schemes.


The most interesting reveal of the episode is, I think, that Deanna a creature similar to Horo rather than a human, and that, like Horo, she also fell for a human, which is why she subtly encouraged Lawrence and messed with Horo’s plan a bit to get a better result for them. This makes me wonder how many other of these types of people are scattered around the land. I hope Lawrence and Horo run into more of them, haha. Also, as a random thing, Lawrence’s random fantasies about Horo doing it with Amarty are so goofy, haha. Lawrence, you are such a doofus.

This is a solid episode. The end result of Horo’s plan, along with the story of how it comes about, is fun enough, even though most of the tension is evaporated at about the 1/3 point, haha.


4 Responses to “Spice and Wolf II – 6”

  1. “The funniest part is that all of Lawrence’s planning ends up completely useless.”

    Is it just me or does this happen, like, every time Lawrence has a plan? Haha.

    I really loved this episode. Even though the final outcome was pretty obvious, getting there was certainly entertaining. Throughout the first season, I kept thinking that I would enjoy the show THAT much more if it were focused more on Holo/Lawrence and less on money-making schemes. And that’s basically what’s happened with the first half of this second season. Bell is verrrry pleased. ^-^

    • Yeah, even though some of the economics stuff can be interesting — when I understand it, haha — Horo/Lawrence is still the main draw. Really looking forward to how the next arc builds on this!

  2. Throughout these last few episodes I kept thinking about the movie Trading Spaces haha… oh what a classic.

    I agree with you though that Lawrence tends to over analyze everything way to much. At the same time, I think both of them have a bit of a communication problem. Like they keep thinking in their own heads about stuff they are going to do, but they never talk to each other about it beforehand.

  3. BashZeStampeedo Says:

    Honestly, people are just too rough on Lawrence. This is a guy who has been out of the game for 7 years, to the point of talking to his horse for company. His life hasn’t been conducive to learning how to fling woo or even how to be anything but a merchant. I think he’s holding his own quite well.

    If Horo really did hear him talking to Deanna then it’s all up to her now. He essentially said that he values her above profit, and demonstrated beyond a shadow of a doubt that he *wants* a relationship. The only question now is why he’s holding back on just saying how he feels. I don’t think the real problem is his lack of eloquence, although he certainly is a dumbass when it comes to the vocabulary of romance.

    Given how soft-hearted he is, I think he realizes that confessing what he wants is not fair to Horo. I’m sure he’s put 2 and 2 together by now and sees that while she’s possibly interested, in the long-run he would die and leave her even more lonely than before. I think he’s too chicken-shit to talk to her about it, and I would be in his place. Risking the relationship they already have, which he values so highly, is not something that could be easy for a merchant like him.

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