Cross Game – 19-20


A double dose of Cross Game in this post!

In these episodes we see the introduction of Mizuki Asami, a cousin of Aoba’s who also fancies himself her suitor. While he seems like a decent guy, I am highly skeptical of this. Asami definitely has eyes for Aoba, and I believe he genuinely does like her a lot, but it is easy to tell he is basically nothing to her, as far as romantic feelings are concerned. The poor guy would probably be shocked to realize this, but he is firmly in the Friend Zone right off the bat. I mean, come on, he is the one Aoba calls upon to help her own after she tweaks her ankle during baseball practice. He is thinking, “Oh man, Aoba totally has her arm around my shoulder!! Score!!” and Aoba is thinking, “Damn, am I glad I have someone I can depend upon to carry me home!”

Asami probably believes he is positioning himself for great things because he is living with Aoba at the moment, but there is such a ridiculous amount of Aoba x Kitamura suggestion in ep20 that it’s basically a foregone conclusion that Asam is no threat, even though Asami is being completely open with his feelings. You have Aoba’s smile as she sees Kitamura arriving just in time for school; Aoba and Kitamura sharing the same views about drinking milk past the expiration date; Kitamura and Aoba being the only ones to notice each others’ injuries; Azuma suggesting Aoba is the “kitsune udon” Asami stole from Kitamura (actually at the end of ep19, but whatever); Aoba ribbing Kitamura a bit by calling him Kitamura-senpai; Kitamura and Aoba sharing their memories in the mountains; and so on.

Those two are so smitten. Sorry, Asami, but you lost before you even started. The Aoba x Kitamura train is riding on way past your station. Really, again, the only thing holding Aoba back from jumping Kitamura right now is her memory of Wakaba. The pain is still fresh in Aoba’s heart, as evidenced by the tears Aoba sheds when dreaming about Wakaba.


I’m happy to see there is more of Azuma and Kitamura being the Japanese Odd Couple. The scene at the end of ep19 where Azuma goads Kitamura into accompanying him to the batting center is fantastic. “Your clean-up hitter won’t be there to support you unless you treat him well.” Haha. ❤ Azuma. The awkward stare he gives after Kitamura is all, “dun wanna” also cracked me up. Again, I would watch the hell out of a spin-off involving these two just living day-to-day. One episode would be about Azuma pestering Kitamura to be neater, another would be about Kitamura dropping obvious hints that Azuma should get off his lazy ass and find another place to stay and so on. It would be great.

But I think the biggest laugh is from Azuma subtly being like, “I told that freaking dope, Kitamura, that drinking milk four days past the expiration date would be bad, but nooooooooooooo, he didn’t listen to me, and now he’ll be taking dumps all day as penance.” I would have loved to have seen the “WTF o_O;” look on Azuma’s face when Kitamura cracked open that old carton of milk. It would have been priceless.

A couple of solid episodes here. The look back into another memorable part of Aoba and Kitamura’s younger lives is pretty sweet. I especially like how Aoba’s father starting to move forward after Wakaba’s death (he no longer cries when he is drunk) is paralleled with Aoba crying as she dreams of Wakaba. If the father can move forward, then so can the sister. Never forget, Aoba, but keep moving forward!


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