Fullmetal Alchemist – 24


Pretty solid episode that is made even better by the return of Envy! Welcome back, good sir. Nice to see you again.

Not too much to say about the fight scenes, except that they are up to the standard set so far in the series (though not quite as good as the very best), with the right mix of action and humor. (I laughed at all the constant running away. The best is Lin running off approximately 0.0000000001 seconds after he announces that he is the 12th Prince of the Xing Dynasty, after which Envy decides to sic Gluttony upon him because Lin is not a human sacrifice.) Gluttony’s power is represented pretty well here. It really creeped me out when I first saw it in the manga. The idea of being swallowed up into nothingness just gives me the shivers. I’d be scared as hell if I were fighting him, too.

Things really pick up once Envy inserts himself into the picture. The guy is such a sneaky, wormy asshole that he infuses every scene he is in with a lot of hateful emotion, at least from me. Envy is one of those villains I love hating so very much. Minami Takayama using her wonderful Dilandau voice does not hurt that at all. It’s good to see him immediately, especially mocking poor Marcoh, because he needs a good scene to remind everyone why he is such a terrible bastard. The party where he stabs the meat and is all, “LOL HUMANS SUCK” is especially cruel. Poor Marcoh. He barely gets any screen time and is verbally pissed upon by Envy.

And once he joins the battle, he is all, “WHOA MAN I DON’T WANT TO FIGHT YOU” to Ed, even though we all know Envy is a sadistic little shit. He’s following orders from Father, but Envy deliberately holding back from fighting always pisses me off, in a good way. Makes me want to see Ed pound him into the ground that much more. He is such a blatant hypocrite, too, with the way he pisses and moans about Lin using “dirty tactics” and then turns around and shapeshifts himself into Ran Fan so that Lin will not attack him. We have not even seen the worst of Envy yet, and I already want his head, haha. He is the Amestris equivalent of those teenage Internet trolls who get off on posting Goatse pics on message boards.


At this point in the manga, I remember being quite scared for Mustang. Doesn’t appear that he ever suspected that the top brass of the military would all be backing up Wrath. It’s a pretty logical assumption, though — the Homunculi seem to have their hands in everything, so it makes sense that they would offer positions of power for greedy military men who would be willing to cast aside their morals to back someone who is planning to destroy the nation. But as smart as Mustang is, I actually do not have a problem with him never suspecting this. Up until this point, I think he is just a strong believer in the overall good of the military and its people. This really throws him for a loop, though, haha.

Poor Riza has to wait outside all night, too. There’s no real televised entertainment here, right? Good thing she is not missing anything.

The series is also holding off on showing Pride, and I do not have a problem with that. It’s the ol’ Jaws theory: Show just brief glimpses and let the viewers fill in the blanks for now. There is lots of plot after this, so there isn’t a particular need to thrust Pride’s actual form in everyone’s face right away. Really do want to see him animated, though. I’m sure BONES will make him extra creepy.


So, yes, good stuff here. Next episode should be plenty creepy. The inside of Gluttony’s stomach kind of freaks me out. I also like the Continuity Nod with the brief shot of what is probably Father Cornello’s corpse. Haha, nice bit of black humor there.


2 Responses to “Fullmetal Alchemist – 24”

  1. Hehehe looks like we’re using the same (similar) pictures :p

    I agree that Envy is an annoying runt, and that’s what makes him so fun. Because when it comes down to it, Envy isn’t much of a fighter, but he’s a good trash talker and he fights dirty. Too bad Ed and Al fall through to where Lin was though, because I think Lin’s fighting is even dirtier and he might have killed off Envy if Gluttony didn’t suddenly appear.

    The more I think about it, the more I am unsure whether or not the military guys are really supporting Bradley’s plan. I guess you probably know the ‘truth’ cause you’ve read the manga (don’t spoil!), but it seems to me that there’s a good chance that these guys are being totally played by Bradley and they have no idea either of him being a Homunculus or have no idea that he wants to destroy the country.

  2. I definitely am worried about Mustang here. I guess you can say he is a pretty good guy that had faith in the military structure just that they were all being tricked by Wrath. Sadly it appears like you said there are people who are fine with having the country being controlled by a homunculus. At any rate Mustang is in a very bad place and his desire to remove Bradley from power and take the top spot himself is even more difficult.

    Now in defence of Mustang I think linking unethical experiments to the leader not being human is a bit of a stretch. The whole point of an aging homunculus is to fool people into thinking he is human. Now I’m not certain about them knowing he plans to destroy the nation. After all if they are greedy they want the nation to exist since that’s good for business. Everyone who supports you financially dying would be bad.

    I gained a whole new fear of Gluttony in this one. He really seemed like an annoying guy, but if he goes overboard then he is extremely dangerous. That power would leave anyone hiding in bushes rather than facing him. Only after Ed and Al were safe from that power would they actually try attacking him.

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