Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood – 25


It is kind of insane how many people have a legit claim on Envy’s head: Ed and Al, Mustang, Scar . . . the list goes on and on.

Just hearing Envy brag about starting a brutal civil war and describing with glee how he shot a little girl and had a (presumably) good man put to death just makes my blood boil. And, unsurprisingly, it makes Ed’s blood boil, too, although now Envy is actually willing to put up a good fight because he believes he, Ed and Ling are just going to die deep within the pits of Gluttony’s stomach. For me, Envy’s true form actually looks a bit creepier in black and white (though I am not sure why), but it is still plenty disturbing here. And I can guarantee that it will be more disturbing next episode. Will keep my lips zipped on details, however!

Sort of disappointed that there is not much fighting this episode, but I figure BONES is just putting it all into the next episode. Works for me. Gives fans another week to wish nothing but the cruelest deaths upon Envy. The build-up to the battle is kind of amusing, though. I like how nonchalant Envy is when he first happens upon Ed and Ling: “Oh, it’s you guys.” Then he gets all fatalistic and realizes that he might as well bait Ed and Ling into a fight since they have been pissing him off the entire series. What a little bugger, that Envy.


One thing I think is interesting now is Wrath’s choice to appoint Riza as his aide. On the surface, he uses the move to put pressure on Mustang. But, really, he is just inviting Mustang to fight against him. Mustang is the type of guy who could never accept a defeat like this. And does Wrath really believe that Riza will sit quietly and act as his aide? He has to expect that she will attempt some sort of subterfuge whenever she can. And Wrath does expect this, I think.

None of this is confirmed in the manga that I can recall, so this is purely character speculation on my part, but I think Wrath puts Riza and Mustang in this position as a final challenge. In Wrath’s conversation with Pride in the last episode, he mentions that he believes it is probably time for the young to inherit the world and drive it forward. Wrath is a homunculus who ages. He sees his time is fading. He has been the unquestioned leader of Amestris for a long ass time, without anyone showing up who could seriously challenge him. So Wrath wants one final challenge before he fades into the sunset. In Mustang, I believe Wrath sees someone who is worthy to fight him. Maybe Mustang is strong enough to beat Wrath. Maybe he isn’t. But Wrath does know Mustang is strong enough to kill a homunculus (he killed Lust, after all, and Wrath witnessed it).

So, nothing really major or anything — it is just a character motivation that I think is interesting.


Not a bad episode. We have set up for a good fight, Envy being a dick, some funny comedy in the beginning (I wonder if doing those crazy Ed voices hurts Romi Paku, haha), Scary and May heading out, Al and Gluttony going to Central and Mustang’s crew in a tight spot. Should be good times next week.


One Response to “Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood – 25”

  1. Helen Mary Cryan Says:

    I’ve watched Full Metal Alchemist and I love the show. There is only 1 character I hated the most and that was King Bradley, The Fuhrer and the fact that he was either pride or wrath. i always heard he was pride not wrath. but maybe i’m worng

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