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Sasameki Koto – 4

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Haha, this might be the funniest episode of the series so far. The ending especially has perfect comedic timing. Well done.

What I love most about these characters in Sasameki Koto is that they are completely self-absorbed but in a way that is hilarious rather than annoying. Murasame, for instance, is completely focused on her love for Ushio. She makes all the classic, cliché sacrifices one would be expected to make for one’s love — if I cannot have that person, then I’ll make sure he or she is happy! — while at the same time completely stonewalling poor Akemiya. I feel sorry for the little guy, but that is just funny as hell.

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Kimi ni Todoke – 4

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I am of two minds about this episode.

If someone said the misunderstanding-laden storyline was a bit frustrating to watch, I would have to agree. It seemed to be coasting along well in the beginning, when Yano and Yoshida did not immediately peg Sawako as the source of the rumors, as I feared they would. But as the misunderstandings crash into each other like the cast of Clue, Yano and Yoshida all of a sudden start making assumptions and leaping to conclusions, even though Yano had been calm and thoughtful in the beginning, reasoning that she and Yano should hear Sawako out before believing anything.

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Monster – 5-6

Posted in Monster with tags on 10/27/2009 by Shinmaru


It is kind of amazing how Monster is able to do so much with so little at times.

On the one hand, these episodes may highlight Monster‘s biggest flaw to those who would see it as a flaw — the series is perhaps too faithful to the manga, which can sometimes result in a tortuously slow pace. (This is probably my inexperience speaking, but is there a more faithful manga-to-anime adaptation than Monster? There are a few things changed, of course, but for the most part, it is as if the manga panels themselves have been animated. It really speaks to the strength of Urasawa’s storytelling that Madhouse basically decides, “You know what? Let’s not mess with a good thing here.”) How much happens in ep5, for instance? We see Nina engaging in her daily activities, speaking with a therapist (and setting off a red flag in all first-time viewers), Dr. Tenma retracing Johan’s steps and Nina fainting after catching a glimpse of Johan while meeting a boy she thinks sent her a romantic (and creepy, really) e-mail. No more, no less.

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Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood – 29

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I am so predictable. Whenever an opportunity to snag a badass Scar screencap shows itself, I will take it, no questions asked.

As expected by just about everyone who watches the series, this is a slower, more plot-intensive episode than the series of action-oriented episodes we’ve been watching the past few weeks. By no means is this a bad episode, however. I actually believe it is quite good, and this is coming from someone who knows what will happen — each subplot is pushed just far enough to be intriguing while not showing so much that it is overwhelming. A perfect balance of plot of character development makes for a good arc transition episode, I say.

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Letter Bee – 4

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Letter Bee‘s world is so strange.

It’s not just the names, although they are weird enough on their own. (“Love Someone Down”? I suppose a freak show deserves a bizarre name.) It is not even simply the terrain. (The Broccoli Forest is like an area from the children’s nightmare version of Candy Land.) There is just something about this world that is . . . I cannot even think of a proper way to describe it. Everything just comes together in a way that makes me go, “Hubbawaha?!” when I watch an episode. Not totally sure yet if that is a good or bad thing, however, haha.

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Kimi ni Todoke – 3

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I’m trying to think up something witty to say here, but really, I just want to stare at that screenshot all day!

That is kind of how I feel about this episode, actually. It is not really super deep, and you are not going to sound like a genius analyzing it, but who cares when it delivers such a pleasant experience? Sawako and Kazehaya are a completely adorable couple, and damn it, I am eating this up with a spoon. Actually, with the ending, I am sort of lamenting the appearance of love triangle drama, since it appears that the new girl who likes Kazehaya is spreading nasty rumors and attributing them to Sawako, while also putting on a kind face in front of her. We’ll see how that goes, I guess.

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Sasameki Koto – 3

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With each episode, the interplay between the comedy and drama works better for me, because it really focuses on what it is like to be a thoroughly silly teenager who is seriously in love.

It is kind of funny how many people — including myself — do not realize at the time how silly they act in their teen years, and it is only in retrospect that they realize, “Man, I was a dip!” (Then again, I am only 23, so I should stop acting as if I am Father Time over here. However, I fully realize that I am still a doofus!) Ushio dreams of that perfect, fulfilling first kiss . . . while going so far as to attempt make-out practice with a school-owned skeleton. Murasame actually feels jealous because of that skeleton and takes out her frustrations by taking up karate again. We’ve already seen how silly Akemiya got in his haphazard attempt to capture Murasame’s heart.

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