Letter Bee – 2


I am happy to see that Lag’s story will really start going next week, but in a way, I am also sad to see Lag and Gauche part ways so early in the series.

Their relationship gets slightly more complex in this episode. The fun parts still remain — Lag teases Gauche a bit about the memories he witnessed while under the influence of the Spirit Amber. Lag’s tiny hint about having the hots for Sylvette made me laugh for a good while. And his line about jerks being promoted is gold. I really would have watched an entire series with just Lag and Gauche traveling around wastelands delivering letters. It would be awesome.

But, for a moment, Lag and Gauche’s relations take a dark turn. Gauche seems to push away a bit, reminding Lag that Gauche is simply doing his job and wishes just to deliver Lag to his destination, and nothing more. He also says that he cannot help Lag find his mother in Akatsuki, because he can use his crossing permit for work only. Definitely reasonable, but the way Gauche tells this to Lag is a bit standoffish. However, I think this is purposeful on Gauche’s part.

He tells Lag flat out that Lag does not understand the burden of carrying a Bee’s permit. This burden, I believe, is a burden of loneliness. Gauche must travel the world over, leaving his sister all alone, while he works to get high enough in the pecking order to where he can help his sister regain the use of her legs. (Side note: Lelouch as a Bee would be HILARIOUS. I cannot have been the only person to think of Code Geass when Lag whips out his Amber eye later in the episode.) He knew this when he took on the job — friends are not something he can afford, because it is an attachment he will just have to abandon when he moves on to the next job.


But Gauche is such a good guy that he goes ahead and saves Lag, anyway, when Lag runs off to get to Akatsuki on his own. Yeah, Gauche needs Lag so that he can complete his delivery, but any guy who has to use his heart as an offensive weapon is not going to be a bad person. The scene is weakened a bit by the CGI bug being so horrible (even worse than last week), but the emotion of Gauche coming to Lag’s aid is still pretty strong, especially since Gauche is roughed up pretty badly in the rescue attempt.

And then there is the reveal of Lag’s artificial eye. There is clearly a big story behind that thing, haha. Makes me wonder more about why the people in Akatsuki wanted to get at Lag’s mother so badly. Is it because of that eye? Does it have some sort of power that most Ambers do not? I wonder if each Amber is different, or if Lag’s is red because it is special, and most Ambers will release an energy that is black, like Gauche’s.

The important thing for now, though, is that Gauche is able to help save Lag, which restores Lag’s faith in Gauche, and the Bee profession. Lag must have a hell of a heart, himself, if he is able to carry Gauche all the way to Cambel!


And so ends the prologue portion of the series. Can’t wait to see Lag start on his own journey to become a Bee and his inevitable meeting with Gauche down the road. Will Gauche have met with Lag’s mother by that time? Will he be sought out by the same men hunting Lag’s mom because he had contact with Lag? How far will he get tangled in this mystery? There are a lot of places this series can go, and I’m ready for the ride!


2 Responses to “Letter Bee – 2”

  1. I felt it moved too fast this episode, but Lag’s story begins and I can’t wait to see it next episode.

  2. I was so relieved when this story wasn’t about the travels of Gauche and the 7 year old Lag… would have dropped it right there. Of course with his seiyuu, I was half expecting the ‘5 years later’ Lag to have huge breasts and ride up on a motorcycle 😉

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