Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood – 27


Figured I might as well make a post for the sake of posterity, even though this episode is mostly recap! (Kind of funny that my weekly viewing of FMA features more recap than my weekly viewing of Kare Kano this go around. Who would have ever guessed that would happen?)

We’ve got a new OP and ED to celebrate the new season, and the OP is riddled with spoilers, haha. One little screen gives away what will probably be the end result of next week’s episode (won’t say which, but it should be pretty obvious), although knowing what will happen hopefully will not make the new episode any less awesome. I already have to deal with knowing what happens each week, anyway! On the off chance you are reading and have not watched the episode yet, for whatever reason (or are choosing to skip it altogether), then my advice would be to avoid watching the OP until after you have seen ep28. There are other minor things in the OP, but nothing too big. I, for one, cannot wait for the appearance of a certain someone’s sister~

The bulk of the episode features Hohenheim talking to a young Pinako about human transmutation, the weakness of humans and how they fight in spite of that and how much Father sucks basically working Hohenheim through a small mental crisis. (Unless I am hearing wrong, young!Pinako is voiced by Mami Koyama aka Balalaika aka I am now imagining Balalaika chilling with Hohenheim. Balalaika and her crew could probably handle the Homunculi, right? Envy would be bitchslapped approximately 0.0000000000001 seconds after meeting Balalaika.) The very beginning kind of confused me since I thought these events were literally happening — after all, Pinako mentioned once that she and Hohenheim were drinking buddies in the past — but once the subject of Ed and Al popped up, I figured this whole conversation had to be unfolding in Hohenheim’s mind.


For a recap episode, it is not too bad. At least it gives a bit more development to Hohenheim: How he struggles with the weight of what he is trying to carry out (which the viewers will be clued in on bit by bit), his rivalry with Father (I think by now it is safe to point out that Hohenheim is not Father) and how much Hohenheim truly enjoyed his time with Trisha and how much the people around him have affected him. I can’t remember exactly when the series will finally reveal the story behind the photograph Hohenheim carries with him, but it will say all anyone really needs to know about Hohenheim’s true character.

So while I guess it’s a bit disappointing this is just a recap episode, at least BONES didn’t halfass the episode, and the studio does get a breather. If a recap every couple of seasons is what BONES needs to keep up the quality, then I guess I can deal. Next week will be killer, though. Can’t wait!


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