Letter Bee – 3


After the first episode, I wondered if sending actual humans as “letters” was a rare occurrence in this world, but with Lag spearheading the delivery of this girl — whom he has dubbed “Niche” — it might be not be so strange here.

There is a somewhat sinister bent to this, though. Do the Bees deliver humans no questions asked, or is there some sort of screening process? The higher ups must not be such great people if they run an organization that keeps a little girl chained up in a crevice and will eventually release her to fend for herself (Connor says there is probably no place in town that can take her in, and somehow I don’t believe the organization will find a place for Niche to stay). Then again, Lag being delivered to his Aunt Sabrina is probably the best thing that could have happened to him. There are probably good Bees and bad Bees, too. Connor is cool with me; even though he won’t go as far as to deliver Niche himself, he at least sticks his neck out to enable Lag to deliver Niche to her destination.

What also has me suspicious is how Connor subtly avoids talking much about Gauche. All he asks Lag is if Lag ever received a letter from Gauche. And it’s not really a, “Aren’t you keeping in touch with him?” kind of question. It is more like a, “I have no idea where the hell he is right now; did he tell you?” kind of question. The look on Connor’s face afterward confirms this for me. Gauche did say he would look into the matter of Lag’s missing mother — maybe he has looked into it a little too much and is in some sort of trouble now. Lag will probably find out about this sooner or later.

Niche herself also has my attention. It is obvious right away that she is a different sort of human. (Maybe that is why the Bees don’t feel that bad about locking her up. She probably roughed them up a bit after getting scared.) Niche’s eyes are different, she apparently has a strong sense of smell, licks her wounds and has insane physical abilities for such a small girl. (For anyone, really. I sure as hell can’t do anything she does!) Lag’s talk with Connor about “dingos” introduces a great deal of leeway into what (or who) is acceptable as a partner, and what is not, and the title of the next episode (“Lag’s Dingo”) indicates that Niche will fill that niche role, which would strike me as odd if I were not so sure that Lag will treat her as an equal and not as a retarded pet.


Not too much else happens in this episode, but I did like the emotional moment between Sabrina and Lag when Lag leaves for his Bee interview. Parent-child moments always get me. I am such a sap. The relationship between Lag and Niche is kind of cute, too. The whole “no underwear” joke is sort of weird, at first, though in the end it comes off to me as being played in an innocent sort of way rather than a dirty way.

Next episode appears as though it will mostly be about Lag getting Niche to her destination, with him maybe getting on his way to the testing site at the end of the episode. If he has to save Niche from a bad situation (which is inevitable), then Lag will be cutting things pretty close.

One last note: I looked at the names of some future characters. My favorite is “Jiggy Pepper” who will be played by Kazuya Nakai. I can definitely buy Nakai playing someone named Jiggy Pepper. In a way, that kind of describes his acting approach, haha.


5 Responses to “Letter Bee – 3”

  1. Good observations. I may go into the dynamics of sentient beings as packages and the manipulations and deceit involved in the dynamic. After all these individuals are supposedly free agents of their own will and may have rights granted by their respective governments… unless the postal service overrides such, which I find unlikely as well as absurd.

    My guess only children and animals will be subjected to this kind of treatment.

    • Haha, yeah, I agree. The only way they’d get adults to agree to be delivered if the whole thing was run by some nearly omnipotent totalitarian government/organization, and by the looks of things, even though there is a clear class divide, that just is not present in Letter Bee. But kids and animals don’t know any better; maybe the Bees are bizarre orphan taxis on the side.

  2. So want to do an analysis of this series, but probably don’t have the time. Sucks. But nice. Didn’t notice some stuff.

  3. […] does seem to be something sinister as to how Niche is left in that crack in chains (Shinmaru […]

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