Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood – 28


I enjoyed the hell out of this episode, mainly because my boy Greed is back! Oh yeah. Also glad BONES went the route I suspected they would and had Yuuichi Nakamura continue voicing Greed (although it would have been interesting to hear Mamoru Miyano’s spin on Greed).

Speaking of Miyano, he really stands out in the scenes where Ling tells Ed and Al that taking in the Philosopher’s Stone is exactly what he came to Amestris to do, and where Ling shows Greed the depths of his own greed. What I’ve always found interesting about Ling is that while he is a greedy person, his greed has always been shown to be a positive greed. And, really, the Homunculus Greed wasn’t really that bad — he fought against Father (due to his own greed, but he fought nonetheless), he showed loyalty toward his henchman (again as a result of his greed) and was more interested in finding the secret to immortality than he was in hurting Ed, Al and their friends. Greed’s portrayal shows that greed itself can be a positive or negative thing, depending on the person and what drives him or her.

(Good on BONES for making the possession scene as intense in motion as it is on the page. Man, I love everything involving Greed so much.)

But, really, I love Greed because he is a badass and because of the nonchalant way in which he approaches everything. When Father orders Greed into action, Greed complies, but he doesn’t leap into the fray and start beating the shit out of Ed; instead, he plunges his hands into his pockets and hops around on some rocks until he gets where he wants to go. He may as well have been whistling a jaunty tune before he started fighting. So awesome. I love GreedLing. ❤


The other scene that really stands out is of course Scar finally learning a bit of the truth behind the Ishbal civil war — that Envy, disguised as an Amestris soldier, literally kicked the whole thing off with a bang. Scar may have set himself on the wrong path for most of his life post-civil war, but the guy deserves a chance at some real retribution, and not the misguided retribution he has handed out up to this point in the series. Although Ed clearly uses Scar’s anger as a way to distract Father and the crew so that the fight will be easier for him (not that I blame Ed at all), I think Ed can see this is also an opportunity for Scar to make things right for himself, even a little bit. Like Al, Ed cannot completely (or even partially) forgive Scar for killing Winry’s parents, but at the same time, he can see that Scar is a man who has suffered through many things, and is not the thoughtless killer that Father and the Homunculi are.

. . . And, yeah, I like Scar because he is a badass, haha. Come on, he tears shit up from the moment he walks into Father’s lair. (Poor Gluttony.) Also, the fact that the Eastern alchemy (May Chang’s tricks and Scar’s arm) works even though Father is somehow able to seal Western alchemy always stood out to me as hugely important, and possibly the key to defeating Father, which, by the way, is not really a manga spoiler because the manga has not shown anything like that to be the case so far. Right now, though, it is of little help since even Scar’s decomposition does absolutely nothing against Father. Back to the drawing board for now!

The scene at the beginning where Envy, Ed and Ling suddenly burst out of Gluttony is freaking crazy, too. Holy crap. I’d have nightmares for the rest of my life if I saw that in person. The sudden spray of blood, the eye opening on Gluttony’s stomach, the blood red filter over the scene just before Gluttony bursts (which the series has made excellent use of ever since the first episode’s flashback to Ed and Al’s human transmutation) and everything flying apart when the trio comes back to our world. Good lord. Being Gluttony is not at all fun in this episode.


lol Poor May Chang. She sort of annoys me, but it is kind of sad when her dreams of having a tall, handsome lover are completely shattered. But it is also hilarious.

Next episode will slow things down a bit when Father gives Ed and Al the Mustang treatment. It is kind of scary how confident Father is in this episode. I’ve read people describing the first meeting with Father as sort of like greeting a kindly grandfather, but to me Father is more like a kid who just got some shiny new toys and wants to give ’em a once over to see how awesome they are. “Ooh, yay! My human sacrifices are here!” And he heals Ed and Al and sends them on their merry way, comfortable in the knowledge that they cannot do a damn thing to him. What Father says is absolutely true; he looks at Ed and Al like any random person would look at an ant.


4 Responses to “Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood – 28”

  1. It must be really boring to be father. That’s probably why he sits around in his lair all day. I mean everyone is so beneath him, that there’s probably very little he finds interesting. Unless like there’s other ‘fathers’ roaming around in other countries. That would be the Gurren Lagann way of dealing with things!

  2. […] 1 on my most interesting is actually the conversation between Wrath and GreedLing. Last week I wrote a bit about how Greed is portrayed a bit more sympathetically than the other Homunculi, […]

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  4. poor poor may ^^ i like that episodes ^^ i really like her dreams, cause they are like mine ^^

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