Sasameki Koto – 3


With each episode, the interplay between the comedy and drama works better for me, because it really focuses on what it is like to be a thoroughly silly teenager who is seriously in love.

It is kind of funny how many people — including myself — do not realize at the time how silly they act in their teen years, and it is only in retrospect that they realize, “Man, I was a dip!” (Then again, I am only 23, so I should stop acting as if I am Father Time over here. However, I fully realize that I am still a doofus!) Ushio dreams of that perfect, fulfilling first kiss . . . while going so far as to attempt make-out practice with a school-owned skeleton. Murasame actually feels jealous because of that skeleton and takes out her frustrations by taking up karate again. We’ve already seen how silly Akemiya got in his haphazard attempt to capture Murasame’s heart.

In a way, the behavior of Sasameki Koto‘s characters reminds me of Sawako from Kimi ni Todoke — not so much the goofiness (though Sawako has her moments), but more so the seriousness with which she lives her life and approaches everything. Teenagers get knocked a lot for not taking things seriously, but I think they are at least very serious about their own worlds. Could cliques develop in a world where things were not Serious Business? Would people fret so much about their first kiss if it were not such a serious moment for them? Prom? Preparing for college? High school sports? There are many things that seem as if they are no big deal to those on the outside, but to people on the inside (with exceptions, of course), they are everything.

This episode also helped me warm up that much more toward Ushio, actually. There is just something about her being so carefree and eager to practice her first kiss that strikes me as hilarious and kind of charming. The skeleton bit is totally ridiculous, but at the same time, it is not too far fetched because of how spacey Ushio is and how exacting she is when it comes to her fantasy. Murasame has a total WTF reaction when she realizes Ushio would rather practice making out with the skeleton than her; however, it is nothing personal. Ushio just needs to set the right mood.


The callback to the kiss from the first moments of ep1 is a cool moment, too. Can’t believe I never considered these two girls would ever show up in the series again. lol @ me. The taller girl, Tomoe, seems to know almost from the beginning that Ushio and Murasame were spying on them, and also believes the two are now an item. The first law of high school states that rumors will inevitably spread, and they will spread faster than is humanly possible to control. Wonder how that will go over? Ushio will probably have some off the wall reaction I cannot expect — if this does get out, though, it could be interesting to see how the rest of the school handles it.

Or maybe Tomoe will keep it to herself? Who knows. Nothing seems to have spread about her and twintails (aka Miyako), so maybe she will respect Ushio and Murasame in kind. Perhaps she will approach them herself and throw more misunderstandings onto the pile, haha. Murasame is already averaging a few misunderstandings per day now. What are a few more to her?

Speaking of Murasame and misunderstandings, if only she had known that we are at ep3 only right now, so her excitement about meeting with Ushio after school is a bit premature. Poor girl spends the whole episode fantasizing about how she will sweep Ushio off her feet, stumbles upon the perfect scenario for love and then has her hopes dashed like that. If it weren’t for the kiss, she probably would have destroyed the karate dojo with a nuclear-powered kick.


One last observation: I like all the awkward silence humor in this episode. Almost nothing makes me laugh as much — or as uncomfortably — as a good, awkward silence.


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