Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood – 29


I am so predictable. Whenever an opportunity to snag a badass Scar screencap shows itself, I will take it, no questions asked.

As expected by just about everyone who watches the series, this is a slower, more plot-intensive episode than the series of action-oriented episodes we’ve been watching the past few weeks. By no means is this a bad episode, however. I actually believe it is quite good, and this is coming from someone who knows what will happen — each subplot is pushed just far enough to be intriguing while not showing so much that it is overwhelming. A perfect balance of plot of character development makes for a good arc transition episode, I say.

No. 1 on my most interesting is actually the conversation between Wrath and GreedLing. Last week I wrote a bit about how Greed is portrayed a bit more sympathetically than the other Homunculi, perhaps because greed has slightly more potential to be used in a positive way than some of the other sins (Ling is certainly planning to use his greed for positive ends). This conversation takes that idea further — Wrath actually goes as far as to identify Greed with humanity. (Whereas when Wrath discusses himself, he always does it in a tone that plays down his former humanity.) When Greed speaks with Ed, he always makes sure to assert his dominance; to make sure Ed never forgets Greed is the person in charge. However, when Wrath is around, Greed allows Ling to surface for that brief moment to give Wrath the verbal smackdown (or is it that Ling’s sheer will and greed force himself through?).

As a rule, the Homunculi are loners — everyone except Greed, who naturally gravitated toward using others for his own ends (although it could be argued that he used the chimeras in ways that gave them more than what they had before). Does Greed fight back against Father simply due to the depths of his own greed? Or does Greed actually feel something, deep down, for humans? When Greed notes Ling is waiting for his chance to overtake Greed and resume command of his body, Greed does not sound angry or mocking — he is actually impressed with Ling’s spirit. He admires a human whose greed runs so strong that he would dare threaten an entity many times stronger than Ling could possibly be. This is something I didn’t think about much when reading the manga (too busy absorbing the plot, haha), but that affinity for humanity is something that has always been present in Greed, I believe.


Second topic of interest: Marcoh and Scar. (lol @ me using the wrong screencaps to introduce the wrong topics) Don’t want to elaborate too much, for fear of spoiling people, but this part is full of sad. Scar wants to know the reason for the Ishbal civil war, while Marcoh desperately wants to come to grips with everything the military had him do during the war. It is kind of interesting that Marcoh and Armstrong have similar dilemmas — they were both forced to do things during the war that went against their beliefs, and they are both trying to atone for what they did. Armstrong has resolved to keep fighting; Marcoh, meanwhile, wants to die so that the Homunculi cannot use him as part of their plans. I feel pretty bad for Marcoh here. He’s not a fighter; he is a doctor. He wants to help people, but instead . . . well, you can infer that the Homunculi are using him to hurt people. Marcoh does not have the power to change his situation, so he is in full on ZETSUBOU SHITA mode. Reliving Ishbal is not really going to help that any.

Third topic of interest: How Ed and Al and Mustang and his crew can possibly fight back against the Homunculi without raising too many red alarms. They thought they were being careful before, and instead they played right into Father’s hands. I’d be pretty pissed if I were in this situation. The Homunculi are flaunting their power for their precious human sacrifices to see, not giving a shit at all that they now know the military is directly connected with Father. The Homunculi have all the power now; Wrath doesn’t even care if Ed and Al keep searching for ways to get their bodies back. Now that’s confidence. Or arrogance. Or both. Ed, Al and Mustang are starting to piece together their plots, though, so they’ll be back to their ass kicking ways soon enough.

Lastly, I completely forgot about May and Ran Fan’s hate on for each other. Sorry, May, but I am totally backing Ran Fan in this fight. Nothing personal. Dr. Knox is pretty badass if he can stop the two of them, though.


This cracked me up in the middle of the episode. WTF is with that look? Hahaha. Despite how much I enjoy this episode, it has some bizarreness to it, too. Epi mentions Winry’s strange proportions (which I didn’t notice) and her man hands (which I did notice).


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  1. It is imperative to always be on Ran Fan’s team. Nuff said.

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