Sasameki Koto – 4


Haha, this might be the funniest episode of the series so far. The ending especially has perfect comedic timing. Well done.

What I love most about these characters in Sasameki Koto is that they are completely self-absorbed but in a way that is hilarious rather than annoying. Murasame, for instance, is completely focused on her love for Ushio. She makes all the classic, cliché sacrifices one would be expected to make for one’s love — if I cannot have that person, then I’ll make sure he or she is happy! — while at the same time completely stonewalling poor Akemiya. I feel sorry for the little guy, but that is just funny as hell.

Tomoe is a lot of fun, too. There are small hints about her personality before her big debut this episode, but she really is a cool, dynamic character. The way she approaches recruiting people for her Girls Club is a nice, subtle way of showing how Tomoe and Murasame deal with their sexuality. Tomoe is out in the open, approaching anyone she wants, declaring her purpose for all to hear, while Murasame hides in the bushes and uses a cross-dressing Akemiya to make sure all is safe before making her move. It’s not only funny but also a good way to reaffirm Murasame’s lack of confidence in stepping out of the closet.

Miyako is a nice surprise, too. When she first appears and does the clumsy character shtick, I kind of groaned because, really, that type of character annoys the hell out of me. It is not cute, nor is it particularly funny. I am glad to see she is much sharper and more devious than she appears on the surface, however. No wonder Tomoe likes her so much! Tomoe needs some sneaky and unassuming to do her dirty work. They really are a good couple!


I wondered the whole time how the episode would deal with Akemiya being forced into the Girls Club — since it is obvious Ushio will run into Akemiya at the greenhouse — but the ending is an amusing hand wave. However, Akemiya and Murasame do have a slight problem now, since Ushio now knows the model goes to their school. (Can’t remember if Sasameki Koto specifically defined model!Akemiya as a student at their school before this episode. If so, then completely disregard that last thought, because they were going to be f’ed eventually!)

But even without the club, I assume Tomoe and Miyako are going to hang with Murasame and Ushio from now on. First off, you don’t ditch good characters like those two! Second, even if they were pulling Murasame’s leg and baiting her with their comments about her loneliness regarding Ushio, I would imagine they do know a bit about that sort of loneliness. Before they met Murasame and Ushio, I would not be surprised if Tomoe and Miyako assumed they were the only lesbians in the whole school. They have each other, of course, but it is always nice to have more people to whom one can relate. (By the way, I like that Murasame doesn’t magically find some girl completely willing to join the Girls Club — there can’t be that many lesbians in a given school, or at least too many who are willing to come forward about it without feeling social pressure.)


Couple of other random thoughts: First, what a bunch of creepers in that scene! Haha. Even I wasn’t that desperate for attention from women in high school. Settle down, guys. A girl fell down — not the end of the world. Second, I love the pure, holy music that plays whenever Tomoe talks about starting the Girls Club. It truly is her pure dream to do this.


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