Sasameki Koto – 5


Definitely have to agree with Xebek that Tomoe and Miyako have really livened up Sasameki Koto.

Not that I was not digging the series before those two became more prominently featured. But there is only so much that can be done with Ushio searching for cute girls and Murasame secretly pining away on the sidelines. They needed someone to crash the party, to shake things up in their lives. It is pretty obvious that if left on her own, Murasame would probably never work up the courage to approach Ushio in a romantic way. But the presence of Tomoe and Miyako validates Murasame’s feelings.

Here are two people who not only know Murasame likes Ushio but also understand her feelings to an extent (by also being attracted to women), and in their way, they encourage Murasame to keep at it. They have some gentle fun with Murasame about her fantasies, but none of it is especially mean-spirited — Miyako even proudly states that she has similar fantasies about Tomoe. Murasame is not strange or a disgusting pervert for thinking these things; she is just a hormone-driven teenager whose imagination goes wild every so often. Nothing wrong with that at all.

Tomoe and Miyako have the types of personalities that occasionally rub Murasame the wrong way, but ultimately they are strong people who can act as role models of sorts for Murasame. They found each other. They love each other. They put their relationship out in the open without worrying about what anyone thinks of them. They live purely for each other’s happiness, although as Tomoe says, “We like being alone as a couple, but it’s more fun to be around lots of friends.” That is the place Murasame wants to be in — with the person she loves, surrounded by good friends. Tomoe and Miyako show Murasame that not only do people exist who won’t care that she likes women, but they will also support her along the way.


But, hey, aside from the serious stuff, Tomoe and Miyako also liven things up a hell of a lot by being fun people. In particular, I love how Tomoe switches from being serious when talking about the most ridiculous things (i.e. the Girls Club) to the gently teasing tone she employs when messing with Murasame’s head. Their trip to Murasame’s home is a lot of fun, given how short it is. The family maid, Noe, who fancies herself a mother figure for Murasame, is hilarious. Poor girl cannot catch a break; she gets teased on all fronts. I wonder how many people she has shown that doctored photo to? Haha.

The jaunt to Ushio’s home is equally fun. Murasame and Miyako continually upping the ante until both fail gloriously is funny as hell. Best part: Miyako going on a rampage while chopping up the octopus. I swear she looks like a serial killer going after that thing. Settle down, girl! Dexter Morgan doesn’t even chop up his victims that much! Yeesh. And I am not sure I want to know exactly what Murasame cooked that could possibly explode. She might be getting some calls from the military soon, though. What a trap of a weapon that would be. “Hey, look, food! OH SH– *explosion*”

With all those clothes around the apartment, I guess Ushio’s brother writes for those fashion magazines we saw people reading a few episodes prior. Pretty sweet gig if he gets all that stuff for free even though I assume he never wears the stuff himself, haha. Plenty of opportunity for Ushio to keep looking fashionable, though. And there is most definitely a story behind Ushio’s parents. Her tone is definitely, “TRYING TO BRUSH THE SUBJECT UNDER THE RUG KTHX”. She and her brother seem to be relatively well-adjusted, however, so I guess they have figured most things out. Still, the subject should be broached in the future.


Good, fun episode. Can’t wait to see what comes next!


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