Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood – 31


This is why I hate joining in on INTERNET MASS RAGE~~~~!!!!!!!!!11!11!

It is not perfect by any means, but this week’s episode at least fills in a couple of gaps regarding the Ishbal War that were left out last week. Maybe the scene with Dr. Knox reuniting with his family is a bit much and more obviously plays as something to string the emotions than the other Ishbal-related scenes, but it still gets to me. And Kimblee being a douche is fun in a sick sort of way.

So, yeah, still wish more Ishbal bits got their due, but if BONES continues to sprinkle them throughout the series, then it shouldn’t be so bad.

Got another episode to move the plot forward — the next big arc is starting in the next episode, I believe. Still enjoyed this episode despite it being used mainly as set up, however. Mustang considering how his pieces have been scattered all the around the landscape and gathering his wits to pull off another gambit is a cool moment. (Also, isn’t “Madam Christmas” a badass name? You can’t have a name like that and not at least be pulling off some heavy-duty espionage, or something.) Poor Mustang has to be repeatedly told not to die, though. I think he gets the picture by now, guys!

The scene with Ran Fan and Fu is interesting, too. I like how the show balances Fu between being a tough, demanding man (I winced like Ed when he slapped Ran Fan) and a grandfather who truly cares for his granddaughter and does not want to see her hurt. Has to be tough to desire two things — the rebirth of a clan and the safety of a granddaughter — whose results always seem to go in opposite directions. At least Ran Fan does not take it personally; she’s a tough girl, that one, although we already know this.


Gotta say that Hiroyuki Yoshino is already doing a fantastic job as Kimblee. He sounds so cold, detached and polite, but weirdly enough it is not in a lifeless way. Kimblee never comes across to me as not caring about things — although the things he cares about are truly horrible, haha — but rather, he is more methodical and logical like a truly expert killer. It is just that his very nature leads him to be cold and detached unless he is killing people, which is the only time he really feels the blood coursing through his veins. So damn creepy.

The guy also has a pretty sick sense of humor! If I were the guy Kimblee pranked, I am not sure whether I would be completely pissed or thanking God I was still alive. Probably the latter.

Lastly, there are some hardcore antics with Scar and Marcoh. I briefly forgot about Scar scarring (lol) Marcoh’s face, so I was like, “Damn, Scar, control that temper!” when he throws Marcoh against the wall. That has to hurt like hell, although deep down, poor Marcoh is probably happy because he believes he deserves the pain. And, yeah, probably a good thing that Scar withholds information about the Philosopher’s Stone from May Chang. Finding out the origins of something like that is sure to put a damper on any day.


Don’t want to say too much about the next episode, because I am unbelievably paranoid about giving out spoilers. Should be pretty damn good, though. One of my favorite characters in the series should be introduced soon, as well. Don’t think she’ll show up in the next episode, because it appears as though a bunch of other things will be going down, but she should appear in the episode after that, or two weeks from now at the latest. Can’t wait!


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  1. Ah Kimblee was always an awesome villain and I’m glad he’s finally getting some freedom to perform. I haven’t read the manga and there seems to be something slightly different in this Kimblee from the last one. The original series, Kimblee felt more crazed while here he feels more methodical and enthusiastic about his work.

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