Sasameki Koto – 6


Ayahi Takagaki’s delivery of, “A banana peel?!” had me cracking up so much. My oh my.

With each episode, I appreciate that much more how the comedy — silly as it is — keeps Murasame grounded in regards to her struggles with love of Ushio. It sounds strange, because the comedy is so over the top, but the exaggeration works to show Murasame as someone who is trying her damnedest to be proactive. She is completely silly and has no idea to how to approach Ushio, since it seems as if she is stuck squarely in the Friend Zone (albeit way up high in the Friend Zone), but nonetheless she’s tired of skulking in the shadows like a doof. If she has to slip on a few bananas on the way, then so be it.

Murasame’s ditz training is fun, even if it (rightfully) amounts to nothing. Tomoe and Miyako are great anime friends already, sticking their noses into every piece of Murasame’s business, haha. I’m glad Murasame ultimately does not even try to be ditzy aside from one silly moment where she “forgets” where she put her glasses. Ditziness does not become her. Murasame needs to work on being Ushio’s tough gal bodyguard, and then work her way in from there. If she can get Whitney Houston to sing Sasameki Koto‘s OP, then she’ll be good to go.

Unfortunately, after taking a few steps forward by sharing in some memories, fulfilling a fantasy (!!!) and giving Ushio a boost of confidence, it all comes for naught (at least where Murasame’s true goal is concerned) when that newfound confidence allows Ushio to be direct with Chizuka. (I think this is the first time the library chick is actually named in the series, but for some reason the name seems familiar to me. Maybe I’m thinking of something else, or maybe I’m just forgetting the part where they named her before. I accidentally called Murasame “Fumi” last week, so I wouldn’t put it past me!) I don’t think Chizuka will go for Ushio (unless she is secretly bisexual, or something), but Ushio is out of her funk and will therefore be on the prowl again. Poor Murasame: She can’t stand to see Ushio upset, but when she helps out, it just makes things that much tougher for her.


I wonder how seriously Ushio will take her attempts to be involved romantically with another person from now on. In the first episode, I gathered that Ushio crushed on girls pretty easily and was pretty easygoing about the pursuit. Sure, she’d eventually get hurt and fall into a bit of funk because the other person did not return her feelings, but it seems that the situation with Chizuka is the first time Ushio had been hurt so directly and forcefully — the first time, really, that she was rejected for a reason other than, “Oh, I’m not into girls.” Not really sure if the whole thing has pushed her wholeheartedly into the direction of taking other people’s feelings into account before ambushing them with a confession (she cheerfully confesses to Chizuka after accepting the apology lol; have to at least admire how forward she is), but maybe it will make her more aware and more patient if people don’t immediately fall for her.

Admittedly, it has to be pretty tough to be patient, because she is outnumbered pretty badly. For all we know, Ushio, Murasame, Tomoe and Miyako are the only lesbians in the entire school. I wrote a bit about this after seeing the first episode, but confessing for her (or any gay or lesbian) has to be a doubly nerve-wracking experience because of the vastly higher probability that the person on the other end not only does not return those feelings, but also could take offense if he or she is not attracted to members of the same sex. It is kind of tough to say, “Rein it in, Ushio!” when, really, she is pretty blessed to have the confidence to open herself up like that.

But that doesn’t make it any easier to swallow for Murasame, however, haha.


On a final note: Murasame’s family makes me laugh. She lives with a trio of Ryus! How long until we get a Hadoken? Murasame seems to be the strongest of the lot, so maybe she has some Street Fighter powers, too. I bet she can pull off some crazy Chun-Li style kicks.


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