Letter Bee – 7


Oh snap. Interesting twist at the end. Now that Lag’s training is finally complete (lol @ the training being WAY shorter than the actual journey to get there), it seems as if Letter Bee will finally start getting a bit deeper into the bigger mysteries of the story. Better late than never.

It’s all happiness and smiles at the beginning of the episode as Lag and Niche make it through their mini-ordeal and get on their way to the Bee exam. However, once again a short talk with Connor provides an edge of uncertainty — when Lag brings up the subject of Gauche’s sister, Sylvette, Connor is clearly uncomfortable (although he says he will bring Lag to see her when Lag is finished with the exam), and when Lag briefly mentions Gauche’s mission to become Head Bee, Connor’s reaction is definitely, “Yeah . . . let’s not talk about that right now.”

Pretty fun to see Lag all amped to take the Bee exam. His entrance is like the exact opposite of the classic dream where a student is taking an exam and suddenly finds that he or she is dressed only in underwear. If anything, Lag seems more confident in just his boxers. He is a man who knows the power of underwear, which is why he is always on Niche to wear it. And, really, he should be confident since he already has an in with just about everyone he sees there — Lag is a direct example of the power of networking.


For their examination, Lag and another guy must each deliver a letter at the end of a long, tough route that includes a forced encounter with the Gaichuu, Glen Keith. So far all the crazy Gratuitous English in Letter Bee has at least had some meaning to it; however, a quick Google search brought up results pertaining mainly to the Glen Keith Scotch Whisky Distillery in Scotland, which probably provides enough information to know exactly what state of mind the creator of the series was in when he decided to name a Gaichuu “Glen Keith”.

Lag Seeing knows what to do with creatures that try to have sillier names than he does — he owns the crap out of it with the help of Niche and some well-timed memories from Gauche. I laughed at the other dude’s attempt to look awesome by delivering a clean letter after Lag delivers a soiled letter to the old lady. (BTW, did that guy only take a shower at that lady’s house, or did he give her a little somethin’ somethin’ to bribe her? Something to think about. Or not. I’d rather not think about it, myself.) The Bees being so protective of their passes, and the high fail rate for people participating in the exams, tells me there are more than a few fail safes in place to root out cheaters. Even if Lag didn’t use the shindan to reveal the origin of the clean letter, the proctor at least saw that the cheater acted like a cowardly putz and didn’t have the balls to be a Bee.


The big question this episodes leaves us with is where the hell Gauche is, and what exactly he is doing. What could possibly be important enough for him to abandon his life as a Bee? Does it have to do with why Lag’s mother sent him away? Did he ever meet her? Or did Gauche get in a little too deep and get into trouble? I doubt those questions will be addressed right away, and I’m not sure how much Sylvette knows about anything, but things should be getting a bit more interesting in Letter Bee from here on out.


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