Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood – 32


Haha, this episode caught me off guard a bit — I thought something would happen, and it didn’t. If there’s one good thing about BONES mixing and matching different parts of the manga, it’s that I can’t expect that events will happen in a specific order. Even I can be surprised! Yay!

Best part of the episode is definitely Grumman in disguise flirting a bit with Mustang. The moment where Mustang finally sees through the disguise is pure gold. Perfectly played comedy. Can’t remember how much more Grumman is in the story from here, but after this appearance, I hope he shows up quite a bit more! Every story needs a good eccentric character.

A close second is the tense scene Ed and Al spend with Bradley’s family. There’s a lot happening in that scene I cannot really comment on (because it would involve some rather big spoilers), but let’s just say I snickered deviously throughout the entire scene. Maybe once certain things are revealed, I’ll go back and highlight what gave me a severe case of the lulz and we can all share a good laugh together. Fun! Also, I like the way the scene gives the viewer a lot to chew on regarding Bradley’s character — he told Mustang that Selim absolutely would not be a hostage, because all Bradley feels is wrath, and he could cut Selim out of his life with ease. But in front of Ed, Bradley treats Selim with tenderness and love. Is it just an act? Or is there some humanity remaining in Bradley?

I’m not really too sure myself. Even where the manga story is currently, Arakawa likes to tease the viewer with hints of Wrath’s true nature. He sometimes seems as if he retains some true human feelings, but other times he is a cold, vicious killer. There is probably at least some small shred of humanity left in him (it’s difficult for me to imagine a human losing every human quality imaginable save one intense emotion), but that shred is not enough to overwhelm his Homunculus qualities.

Scar and Kimblee are on their way to a battle of kickassery right now. Wasn’t really sure if that would happen in this episode, because I forgot about Scar taking a cue from Scooby-Doo and splitting up the gang, but some good ol’ fashioned ass kicking will go on in the next episode — I am reasonably confident about that. Should be good times; it has been a few episodes since we saw a good throw down!

But what I am most excited about is the appearance of Armstrong’s sister! Yay! She is one of my favorite characters in the entire series. Not really sure how people will react to her at first, because she gives off a pretty bad first impression, but trust me, she is awesome. In a series filled with incredibly badass women, Olivier might be the most badass. I mean, it’s close — Ran Fan and Izumi are both really badass — but Olivier deserves her due consideration. Can’t wait to hear how she sounds, too. I’ve already got goosebumps, haha.


5 Responses to “Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood – 32”

  1. I sort of thought during the Bradley family scene, especially when Bradley made reference to the Elric’s family, that it would require Edward and Al to disregard their sympathies and get down to the same level as Bradley, in order to eventually beat him. It may be a little too anti-hero for them, but that’s the thought that flashed in my mind.

    I’m sort of torn in between thinking that Armstrong’s sister is either a amazoness bishoujo, or a tiny little general. Am I close with either guess? :-p

    • Haha, well, the first guess is much closer than the second, because she certainly isn’t tiny! Don’t know if I would classify her as a bishoujo, but it’s a close enough categorization.

      It might be anti-hero, but I like when Ed and Al are confronted with moral dilemmas like potentially going after Selim like Bradley would go after Winry. You know they’d never do it, but it’s interesting for them to take a good, hard look at just how far they would go to accomplish their mission.

  2. “but some good ol’ fashioned ass kicking will go on in the next episode — I am reasonably confident about that”

    We’ll see Shinmaru… we’ll see 🙂

    • lol Well, I guess it depends on how much BONES wants to shuffle things around. Things have slowed a bit, however; the next episode could use a good fight, right? Right??

  3. […] At least I finally get to share the amusement I had while watching Selim talk with Ed and Al in ep32… a few weeks back. Remember how the little guy is just oh so eager to please his Father and be someone of whom he can be proud? What a naughty boy that Selim is, throwing out little treats he knows Ed and Al will not be able to snap up. On the outside he played the innocent child, but on the inside, you bet your ass the little troll was laughing it up. […]

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