Sasameki Koto – 9

Agh, I’ve seen so lazy lately — should have put this post out a couple of days ago (and the Monster post should have gone up yesterday). Tsk tsk @ me.

Aoi really needs a reality check. I laughed a bit at her assumption that finishing her first novel is a step toward adulthood, because while that is a momentous occasion for sure, Aoi still has a lot of developing to do. She tends toward fantasy so much that her emotions seem to have developed a hypersensitivity — her memory is probably more than a bit biased (Aoi was likely turned down a bit less harshly than she remembers), and when Murasame cannot recall agreeing to help Aoi with the fanzine (because she was too busy doing frenzied sign language with Ushio to notice Aoi going on and on and on), Aoi takes it way too hard. Murasame doesn’t really come off to me like she is directly ditching Aoi; instead, she is more like, “Oh, wow, I agreed to help you? Talk to you later!” Not a completely clean response considering how Murasame was trying not to fall in too deeply with Aoi, but it’s ambiguous enough to not be a mean-spirited rebuke, too.

Hopefully Aoi can learn from the experience fairly soon. The girl obviously has a lot of passion (writing 50 pages in just a few days?!) and an active imagination to boot, so picturing her as a writer is not too big a stretch. Her first novel (more of a novella, really, but that’s splitting hairs) probably isn’t too great and is likely full of cliches, but hell, I cringe at every piece of fiction I wrote in high school (and most I wrote while in college), so it is not as if I am passing judgment. Writing her own works could be the healthy outlet Aoi clearly needs. We all love throwing ourselves headlong into fandoms (who would start a blog if he or she didn’t like that?), but there is a point where feelings graduate from love to obsession. The very fact that Aoi thinks, “Well, this story isn’t about Sister Misaka, but who the hell cares!” (lol paraphrasing) is a good sign. Even if she goes a bit crazy after Murasame’s “rejection”.

It appears as if Murasame will be pulled in all directions during the summer break. Tomoe already has Murasame roped into the beach trip with the Girls Club (using promises of a bathing suit-clad Ushio), but the fact that Murasame notices the date of the convention Aoi wants to go to means there’s a high probability a conflict already exists. On the one hand, there is Ushio in a bathing suit and fun in the sun. On the other hand, if Aoi is ditched again, the girl will probably go nuts. Dilemma! Or not, with some easy juggling. I don’t know how long summer breaks are in Japan (I assume at least a month), but there is plenty of time to go to the beach. Next episode appears to be the beach trip, so we’ll see where that goes.

Speaking of seeing where things are going, Ushio shows more outward signs of jealousy in this episode. In the hilarious scene where she communicates non-verbally with Murasame, Ushio uses the excuse that she needs to hide her brother’s identity as a yuri novelist, which is why Murasame cannot get too close with Aoi, or she risks the secret becoming common knowledge. However, Ushio is definitely feeling some jealous pangs without being aware of it. Murasame’s time is starting to be swallowed up by other people, and Ushio did not seem enthusiastic about the prospect of going to Aoi’s house (and stayed outside while everyone else went inside to comfort Aoi). The jealousy red alert is ringing like crazy right now!

That is a jealous face. She wants time with her Murasame.


One Response to “Sasameki Koto – 9”

  1. I agree with you, she’s totally jealous! That said, I wonder when Murasame will finally realize that she can pour her heart out to her best friend and be more than best friends…

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