Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood – 35

Anyone up for a frozen “Slothee”? Ha ha ha!

. . . Yeah, I won’t quit my day job.

Maybe a bit too much talking in this episode, but enough answers are doled out to take some of the sting away from that. I like that even knowing the truth behind their country, there is still a level of deception Ed and Al cannot see through. The talk between Marcoh and May heavily implies that even the very basis behind the alchemy used in Amestris every day is a complete lie. This is not very surprising to learn; given that Father is able to completely shut down alchemy in Amestris — and May Chang and Scar are still able to use their Eastern alchemy despite that — it makes sense that the accepted form of energy output for their brand of alchemy is complete bullshit.

As for other things . . . I’m wondering whether Raven is dumb, amazingly arrogant or both. Does he just hang around and wait for any possible opportunity to blab about the military’s plans? Does he think he is bulletproof because he has King Bradley backing him up in case something goes wrong? For an amoral military dog, Raven sure is incredibly trusting. Then again, Kimblee is pretty capable backup even if he did get his ass handed to him by Scar. Also, Miles is ready to rip out Kimblee’s throat at the slightest provocation. You don’t want a guy with badass sideburns and Kazuya Nakai’s voice bearing down on you like that.

Whatever the case, it’s good for Ed and Al to have another strong ally on their side, especially one who doesn’t think they are insane for spewing all this crazy about Amestris being forged on the corpses of centuries of sacrifices and the Philosopher’s Stone. Probably helps that Olivier already had her doubts about the military, as seen when she doesn’t approve of a nut like Kimblee being released from prison and promoted back into active duty. The last straw, though, is the fact that Briggs is probably the next target. Olivier as a maternal type is good for some lulz (and fools Raven easily enough), but really, Briggs is basically her baby. And like any loving mother, Olivier is ready to kick the shit out of any motherfucker who dares threaten her child.

One obvious addition to the story I liked is when Ed flashes back to what Isaac McDougal said in the very first episode about Ed understanding what he was doing if he only knew just what the hell the military was doing itself. It’s a nice way to tie everything together, and truth be told, I forgot about ol’ Isaac for a while there, haha. Kind of funny that Ed remembers Isaac when Kimblee is skulking around with Raven, considering that Isaac tried to recruit Kimblee to take on the military.

Nothing much more for me to say about this episode, since it really just pushes the story along, so I bid everyone adieu with a picture of the creepy old alchemist who healed Kimblee. You know you love this guy!!


8 Responses to “Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood – 35”

  1. Karry Says:

    “One obvious addition to the story I liked is when Ed flashes back to what Isaac McDougal said in the very first episode ”

    Which was pretty much bullshit, because how could HE know that in the first place ?

  2. Olivier’s lips are so mesmerizing. =D

    I wonder if Raven went up to Briggs with the intention of recruiting Olivier. He asked the same question that Grumman recalled being asked, so I guess that’s his pick-up line.

    • Haha. I can just imagine him in some seedy bar leaning over with a shitty drink in his hand and whispering, “Hey, baby, interested in an immortal army?”

  3. When Marcoh said that their alchemic power was taken from tectonic plates I was like ‘ah come on, talk about dull!’. The old series had this crazy idea about power coming through the other world through equivilant exchange. I’m kinda glad that what Marcoh said was rubbish and that there’s something else behind his form of alchemy

    • I’m not sure what percentage of the FMA fandom hates on the craziness at the end of the first series, but I like it, if only because of that batcrap craziness.

  4. This episode basically gave a solid answer to most of the major questions in the show… except just exactly what is Father doing, and who is Hoenheim. Judging from the next episode preview, we may get to know a bit about the latter.

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