Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood – 36

So many awesome moments in this episode. I almost don’t know where to begin!

Guess I’ll begin with the above screenshot — anyone who hated Gen. Raven (including me) gets to bid a fond adieu to the old bastard. Someone that arrogant and retarded shouldn’t have been walking around for that long, anyway. It might seem like Armstrong is throwing everything away by killing off Raven, but when I first read this part, her actions struck me as an interesting gambit. After all, doesn’t this type of thing fit in with her reputation? Armstrong doesn’t wait for someone to create a spot for her; instead, she takes an existing one herself. We can’t be completely sure that Bradley saw this coming, but judging by his order to Kimblee about acting independently if Raven were to bite it, it doesn’t seem like a stretch to think Bradley thought someone would kill off Raven sooner or later. Or maybe Bradley is just a careful planner. Or maybe Bradley was going to kill Raven, himself, one day. Who knows.

But, yes, the lesson here, clearly, is to think better of sexual harassment. Raven had his hands all over Armstrong the entire episode, and he paid for it with his life. Armstrong is judge, jury and executioner — I’d say it was a bit of a harsh punishment, but with the way Raven tossed his “pick-up line”  around (to use RP’s wording :P), this was probably his third strike. When you grope in the workplace, nobody wins. That’s FMA‘s rule.

Badass moment No. 2. I think the manga does a slightly better job of getting across Miles’ feeling of, “Man, am I glad I don’t have to talk to that creeper anymore!” (which is hilarious), but it is still pretty awesome here. I love how Miles plays completely into Kimblee’s expectation of how an Ishbalan would react in his presence. Kimblee wants to make Miles feel like complete shit; he wants to rub the very fact of Ishbal genocide in Miles’ face and grind his nose into it. He wants Miles to blow up and go crazy so that he will have an excuse to kill Miles — and Miles gives Kimblee what he wants, up to a certain point. He throws the crazy little shithead a bone and lets him take some horrible pleasure in being an evil little creeper as a distraction. It’s like tossing a ball of yarn to a kitten except if the kitten was evil for some reason.

It takes a real badass to look someone like Kimblee in the eye and not give a flying fuck about him. Miles would be completely justified in raging at Kimblee; however, because Kimblee is such an incredible lowlife, Miles doesn’t bother himself with obsessing over the guy. Oh, he would gladly kill Kimblee if the opportunity arose, no doubt. But he’s not going to allow Kimblee to warp him. Miles is never going to forgive the guy, but neither will he let Kimblee’s actions dominate his own life.

Well, this moment isn’t so much badass as it is touching. Still wish BONES would get a bit more into Hohenheim’s more goofy personality traits, but this photo shows how much he truly cares about his family. Without spoiling anything, the guy has lived a really long time. He’s seen so many people come and go that human life barely means anything to him anymore — until he meets someone who transcends that, grabs his heart and never lets go. Trisha even knows about the unique nature of his body, and she still thinks of him as a human she loves rather than a monster. So even though Hohenheim sees himself as something terrible, he’s touched by the knowledge that even he can be loved. And he has that picture to remind himself that love will last forever. (That is by far the corniest sentence I will write all week.)

It’s unfortunate that Ed’s memory of Hohenheim leaving his home is incomplete — all he has is Hohenheim giving his, “I’m gonna FUCK SOME SHIT UP!!” look and not his “OMG MY SONS ARE HERE THEY’RE SO ADORABLE I DON’T WANT TO LEAVE NOW” look.

So, yes, good stuff. Didn’t even mention the happenings in the tunnel, because I am not sure how much I could say would be spoilers, so it is probably best if I keep my mouth shut on anything involving that, haha.


3 Responses to “Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood – 36”

  1. This was an amazing episode. Nuff said.

    Good point about how Bradley already planned out what Kimblee should be doing if Raven died. Guess he was slated to die.

  2. […] how Olivier would have none of that and just cut him down to size. The question is, of course as Shinmaru pointed out, why does Kimblee have orders to act indepently if Raven were to die? Ignoring the fact that […]

  3. Hard to believe Raven was the same guy Mustang thought he could trust.

    Damn, Olivier is just awesome! I’d hug her except I’d be afraid she’d chop my arms off. :-p

    For a while there I was worried about Miles. I’m sure he can handle himself, but I was afraid Kimblee might decide to have a little Philosopher’s stone fun with him.

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