Kimi ni Todoke – 11

All hail the high five!

Have to say I half enjoyed this episode and half did not. The way Kurumi is being pushed as this uber-bitchy love rival is incredibly laughable. The whole ending with Kurumi being like, “Yes, I’ll latch Sawako onto Ryu, and then I’ll have Kazehaya all to myself! Ha ha ha ha ha!” is just hilarious. Typical romance plots really do not become Kimi ni Todoke. It’s just so over the top and silly.

What makes it that much tougher to swallow is that the Kurumi nonsense is paired with the aspects of the series I do like. I enjoy seeing Sawako come out of her shell and have fun on the soccer field. I like seeing Yoshida go nuts and score four goals just because she can. And I like seeing the convoluted thought process behind Ryu remembering Sawako’s name. None of it is really deep, mind, and these bits and pieces don’t really add up to Kimi ni Todoke being much more than a nice, pleasant — if not exactly exciting — series, but that’s not so bad.

I like moments such as when Sawako, Yano, Yoshida and Ryu sit back, shoot the shit at Ryu’s house and have a bit of fun. That’s when Kimi ni Todoke feels genuine. But during the OVER 9000 misunderstandings storyline, and during this Kurumi storyline, the series feels as forced and fake as Kurumi’s personality. The moments where Kurumi lets her act slip a bit and actually interacts with Sawako as herself are kind of fun, particularly the scene where Kurumi puts on her angel act while simultaneously bashing Sawako for irritating her. That’s funny. Scheming!Kurumi is just ridiculous (except when she gets thwarted), as is Sawako’s absurd naivety. Even I wasn’t this dumb in high school, and I was a social idiot.

Come on, Sawako: Pick up on what Kurumi is showing you. For all our sakes.


One Response to “Kimi ni Todoke – 11”

  1. Sawako is a very frustrating character at times, and this Kurumi arc reaaaally brings that out. The whole Kurumi conflict has its moments, but overall I just want to grab Sawako by the shoulders and scream, “REALLY?! GET A CLUE!!” Her naivete is both her most endearing and most annoying quality.

    Kimi ni Todoke will be moving back to its loveable self soon as we step away from Sawako for a little bit, I promise! A little time apart does the Sawako-viewer/reader relationship some good.

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