Sasameki Koto – 11


Haha, nah, Aoi takes the sudden revelation of Murasame x Ushio in a fairly mature way. Her devotion to idealized love has taught her to appreciate the real thing when it is made plain and obvious, I suppose. Or maybe she just wants to be the first to ship this relationship on the ‘net. Who knows.

In all seriousness, this development with Aoi is OK, but I do like the conversation she and Tomoe have on the ride home about either plunging forward head on into a whole mess of confusing feelings with love, or stepping back at the last moment and risking a lot of pain. Either way it’s a pretty intense feeling that doesn’t come around too often. I particularly like how Tomoe describes the feeling of being on the border between not recognizing the love one has for another and completely embracing it. Despite how silly Tomoe is, she knows what she is talking about.

As per usual, the comedy is a lot of fun. Murasame was allowed to be selfish in the last episode, and in this episode she’s allowed to have some fun. It’s a bit strange to see her so outwardly upbeat, but I like it! Everyone likes a fun day like this to just kick back and have a good time — when Murasame thinks, “I love being in high school!” you know she means it. Oh, the days when you can just go to a pool with friends and screw around all day . . .

Also, I love the spotlight on Kiyori in this episode. In the beginning of the series, she comes off as kind of tentative, not really sure how to react to the news that Ushio is a lesbian. But now she is just being herself. Who knows if she yoinked Miyako and Aoi to have fun with them, or if she really is coming up with a way for Murasame to be (almost) alone with Ushio, but Kiyori takes advantage of the opportunity to have a ton of fun. Good lord does that girl have energy to spare! I probably would have needed a trip to the hospital at the end of the day if I were hanging out with her. Especially if we went on one of those big drop rides — I hate those.

Last thing, of course, is the advancement in the main relationship. There’s a weirdly tense moment when Murasame is all, “HEY NO DON’T HOOK ME UP WITH ANY GUYS PLEASE SERIOUSLY” and everything grows really awkward for a few seconds, until Ushio alleviates the whole thing by mentioning that she is happy to be hanging out with Murasame again, because Aoi has been taking up so much of Murasame’s time lately. Ding, ding, ding. Jealousy is down for the count. These two are crazy for each other.

Something I am curious about is how closely the anime has followed the manga so far — for any manga readers, about far into the story is this week’s episode (if it is indeed still following the story)? Pretty sure the series is still ongoing, but there are just two episodes in the anime left, so I wonder if Ushio and Murasame will indeed get together, or if the ending will dodge the issue.

One Response to “Sasameki Koto – 11”

  1. Will of the wisp Says:

    The anime has been exceptionally faithful to the manga up to this point, perhaps even to the lines. I enjoy the dramatization of several scenes, although they did cut out the male trap (Akemia)’s roles in the latter episodes.

    As for the ending, the translated manga is on a reflection arc now, and the author left the reader off at a critical point that may not be so critical. For how far it is in moonspeak, though, I am uncertain.

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