Twelve Moments in Anime No. 6: Wolf and Love

There are many bumps along the road for Lawrence and Horo in Spice and Wolf‘s second season: Trust issues between the two, miscommunication and the elephant in the room of Lawrence’s mortality, which leads to Horo’s fear that her happiness with Lawrence will burn out one day and leave her time with him a bitter memory, instead of the precious jewel she would like to remember it as. In the season finale, Horo seems ready to cut her time with Lawrence short.

But Lawrence can’t — won’t — let Horo leave on those terms. He knows what they have will not last forever, because they will either depart when Lawrence and Horo reach Horo’s homeland, or when Lawrence inevitably dies; however, even if their happiness is fleeting, Lawrence wants as much of it as they can muster. Just a bit more is better than no more. It’s the moment Spice and Wolf fans have been waiting for ever since the series began: Lawrence and Horo just letting it ride and taking their love as far as it will go.

Lawrence and Horo are everything that is great about love. They care about each other a great deal, take great pleasure in talking and having fun with each and they want nothing more than the greatest possible happiness for their partner. Spice and Wolf II‘s finale leaves off on a somewhat uncertain note, but there is one thing every fan knows for sure — whatever happens, Lawrence and Horo will face it together.


4 Responses to “Twelve Moments in Anime No. 6: Wolf and Love”

  1. Topspin Says:

    It was that “omg, Lawrence just brilliantly rickrolled Horo” moment that saved S&W for me. I’m glad someone else felt it was a top moment of the anime year.

    For Lawrence to beat Horo in such style, despite everything being rigged for him to lose, he deserves a medal. He literally gives everything up for a girl with very serious emotional issues, knowing full well that he might never really have a chance with her. I never thought he had it in him to be so up-front and daring. Horo was totally hoist be her own petard, right down to him being selfish like she asked him to be.

  2. zaon47 Says:

    That’s what I like about the Horo and Lawrence pairing. They talk out their problems, face each other’s trials together and are willing to share the burden brough about by the other.

    Lawrence has certainly took more of the lead in Season 2, and I hope he will be able to sustain the level of maturity he has now.

  3. This was indeed an awesome moment for Horo and Lawrence shippers. I don’t know why, but it feels so rare for a long-shipped anime couple to actually get together in a meaningful way. Maybe I’ve just been watching too many harems. :-p

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