Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood – 37

Agh, apologies for getting to this so late — I’m still sick, unfortunately, and apparently my ‘net connection decided to get sick as a dog, as well, because it has been spotty as hell all day long. This is basically the first decent opportunity I’ve had all day to get something up on WordPress, so I’ll just throw this post up on here and double up on the anime moments posts tomorrow.

Putting that blather aside — which really just serves to push away any potential spoilers that might leak into RSS feeds — how about that Pride, eh? Actually, I was impressed across the board with how much certain people have been on the dot not just with this twist (Epi called it right on the nose at least a couple of times, although I’m not sure if he was ever 100 percent certain with it), but with a couple of other things that will come up later. Not that I’ll do anything to elaborate about that, because it is more fun to be a miserable cocktease. Sorry!

At least I finally get to share the amusement I had while watching Selim talk with Ed and Al in ep32 of the series a few weeks back. Remember how the little guy is just oh so eager to please his Father and be someone of whom he can be proud? What a naughty boy that Selim is, throwing out little treats he knows Ed and Al will not be able to snap up. On the outside he played the innocent child, but on the inside, you bet your ass the little troll was laughing it up.

I’ll leave the questioning about the nature of Pride’s powers, and how far his influence stretches to other people (mostly because it is pretty useless for me to write about any of that); instead, I want to comment on the creepiness of this scene. The bit where his weird “shadow hands” crawl all along Hawkeye’s body gives me the shivers the most — it’s like some sort of weird sexual assault against her, which is a hell of a lot creepier given Pride’s form. (Psgels brings up an interesting question that I do not recall being completely addressed in the manga — can Pride change his form at all? Or is he stuck in this never-aging body for as long as he lives? Is the body even a real body at all, or is it simply a vessel? I assume Pride was given the Selim disguise later on down the road since he is supposed to be the First Homunculus (first in order of creation, or first in Father’s heart?), and Wrath is a more recent model of Homunculus.)

Anyway, to get off this tangent, what makes the assault angle all the more eerie to me is that Pride is clearly flaunting his power over Hawkeye in this situation — commenting about how he is impressed that she sees his intentions so clearly and acts accordingly, but also taking care to remind her that she is powerless before him. Sexual assault, after all, has as much to do with power as it has to do with gratification. I’m pretty sure Arakawa did not intend the scene to be read this way (Pride’s just threatening Hawkeye to keep her in line), but it’s a bit of subtext that I gleaned from Pride’s actions that made the scene that much creepier to me.

Speaking of creepy, what an asshole that Kimblee is, right? A supreme prick of the highest order trying to butter up Winry with stories of her parents. “They stuck with their conventions to the very end. I admire them from the bottom of my heart. I wish I could have met them while they were still alive — and killed them myself, since, you know, that’s what I was ordered to do! Ha ha ha!” Doooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooouche.

The guy is falling into Raven territory, too, getting a bit too arrogant before everything goes his way. He challenges Ed pretty much straight out and shows all his cards to the guy by revealing his Philosopher’s Stone. Why wouldn’t he just keep threatening to harm Winry and force Ed to do it that way? It’s not as if they’ll actually give the stone to Ed, and Kimblee isn’t going to kill Ed yet, at least if he doesn’t want a hoard of Homunculi bearing down upon him. Really, showing Ed the stone gives him more incentive to backstab Kimblee, unless the plan is to trick Ed into going down that path, which is silly and convoluted. Kimblee is also underestimating Al and Winry by letting them both tag along with Ed. His hilarious old man, “Whatever; I don’t want to deal with these fuckin’ kids anyway” hat pull almost makes up for it though.

Ah well. Glad to see Winry toughening up at least. I thought people were too hard on her around when she nearly pulled the trigger against Scar, so maybe now that she is showing some initiative, people won’t be nearly as loud with the “OMG EMO” nonsense.


9 Responses to “Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood – 37”

  1. Kimblee is a hell of a lot smarter than Raven. While arrogant, I can’t see him making the same mistakes that Raven made. Plus he doesn’t seem to have the slightest interest in women, so no shoulder groping for him.

  2. I was pretty stunned by the Pride revelation. In the back of my mind, I might’ve thought Selim was a little weird. But maybe it’s because I was lulled by the very normal Selim in the first FMA; I did not see that coming.

  3. clinton Says:

    Kimblee is actually indirectly responsible for the Rockbells death’s he put Scar in the Rockbells care in the first place also the dude really did admire them and Winry too he admires people that stick by their ideals also he did not reveal all of his cards he still has another Stone up his throat as disturbing as that is the dude has a photographic memory too he knows details

    • Yeah, I actually do believe he’s being truthful with that comment (because he says the same thing during the Ishbal chapter, and I can’t recall off the top of my head if he repeats it here, or if it’s just BONES subtly spreading out more Ishbal material throughout the series), but he was straight up going to kill Winry’s parents, so him discussing these details with their daughter, knowing full well he would have done what Scar did, is a pretty big asshole move.

  4. Detective Epi knows all!

    So you know how Selim wrote that report a while ago about how great his dad is… I can’t help but think that’s Pride teasing the hell out of Wrath for the hell of it. I mean he IS Pride, so he’s really kicking into Wrath’s pride…

  5. It’s been confirmed a couple of times in the manga now, that “Selim Bradley” is just an identity assumed by Pride, pretty much like Solaris was to Lust.

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