Kimi ni Todoke – 12

Show of hands — who wants the show to be about Ryu now? :p

Much like last week, I found myself mainly either rolling my eyes or outright cackling at the drama. It doesn’t seem to be a popular opinion, but I agree with psgels about not really enjoying the drama in this series in general. Now, I’m not expecting Pulitzer-worthy stuff, here, but the drama and the way it progresses is so ridiculously petty. I can’t take Kurumi seriously at all because all her actions scream, “HAY LOOK I’M BEING AN EVIL JEALOUS BITCH.”

And again, what makes it all the more frustrating is that the drama progresses side by side with the good aspects of the series. I really enjoyed the scene between Ryu and Sawako — Ryu has a surprising level head on his shoulders (as he also shows when Kazehaya is all butthurt about Ryu saving Sawako from getting hit by the ball), and he knows enough to not overcomplicate things. What he senses is that his feelings about Yoshida are different than his feelings about everyone else to the extent that he can accept that he loves her, and that’s that. No agonizing, no thinking about it — Ryu just rolls with his feelings, and he imparts this wisdom to Sawako.

Then Kurumi just about ruins the scene by barging in with the “LOL MORE MISUNDERSTANDINGS” look. By the looks of the preview for the next episode, it does not appear that Kurumi’s plan will go over well (shock of shocks), but even if it fails miserably, Kurumi’s plan is still stirring up in shit in the silliest possible way. I like it better when people are going at her and making her frustrated; she’s so much more enjoyable when people are tripping her up. The verbal catfight between Kurumi and Yano may have been silly, but it is pretty damn fun nonetheless. And it is always good for a laugh whenever someone stumbles upon Sawako and Kurumi while Kurumi is trying to berate Sawako for the latest socially retarded thing she has done.

The above is Yano and Yoshida’s reaction upon learning that Kimi ni Todoke is focusing more on forced drama than organic character growth.

One last thing: Is anyone else disappointed that we didn’t get to see the girls play volleyball? I’m telling you — sports episodes in non-sports anime are always winners. This episode would have been awesome if it had some volleyball in it, I bet.


One Response to “Kimi ni Todoke – 12”

  1. temperus Says:

    Ryu is now pretty much the only reason that I’m still watching KnT.

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