Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood – 40

. . . I think I’ll just sit here and admire this for a few moments!

So, hey, my proclamation that some hard questions would actually be answered in this episode came to fruition this time around. Hooray! It feels a tad quick — although there might not have been enough material in the flashback to fill the entire episode — but I’m generally pleased with how it turned out since maybe a couple of relatively unessential scenes were cut at most. The important part is that everyone now knows when and how Hohenheim opened the Gate (even though he didn’t initiate it,  haha), where Father comes from (although nothing much about his grand plans) and how Xerxes went kablooey (TOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNY!!!!!!!!!!!).

Epi says something interesting by mentioning that we’ll probably never get to see the original experiment that led to Homunculus. (As far as I can recall, this has not really been addressed in the manga, so this is speculation on my part.) I am not sure Homunculus was “created” so much as taken from somewhere (the Gate? Beyond the Gate?). Not really sure how that would work with equivalent exchange, but Homunculus’ knowledge of alchemy outstrips the humans’ to the point that it seems incredibly unlikely to me that Homunculus is a human creation. Maybe we’ll find out where he truly came from eventually, or maybe it will always be a mystery.

Even with Homunculus pulling the FMA equivalent of Shawn Michaels throwing Marty Jannetty through the barbershop window, my favorite part of the episode is Olivier deciding, “. . . Eh, screw it, I can’t invent a big enough lie to placate this bastard, so I’ll just bend the truth a bit by looking like a huge badass.” ❤ And so the legend of Olivier Armstrong grows ever more awesome. The best part is that she so accurately divines the type of person who would appeal most to Bradley — a selfish, cold-hearted soldier who would not be afraid to Social Darwin her way to the top. So amusing to Bradley!

The code stuff with Mustang and Hawkeye is kind of funny, too. No matter what, wouldn’t Central be suspicious any time these two had a conversation, no matter how innocuous it seems? If FMA took place in modern times, then Mustang never would have been able to decipher that code because the brass would have suspected Mustang and Hawkeye’s plan right away because they’ve seen so many war movies. Where’s Fritz Lang to give Central a clue? oh wait he’s running the country lol

To close off the post: I love vague fictional explanations for random things. Hohenheim rearranges Izumi’s insides so that her blood flow will be better, and so that she will be able to breathe normally and not vomit up blood at inopportune moments. OK, then!


2 Responses to “Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood – 40”

  1. What’s interesting is that Riza’s code to Mustang wasn’t itself coded (i.e. the message wasn’t double coded). In fact it was so damn long that it was impractical. She probably could have gotten the same message across if she took out all the vowels or used l33tsp33|< or something.

    But I guess that it was made that way for the benefit of the viewers. We can assume that her message was in fact double coded in 'real life', so that even if people were watching and eavesdropping on her they could not figure it out.

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