Kimi ni Todoke – 15

So, when I wrote a couple of weeks back that I would love it if Kurumi morphed into a full-on delinquent, I was being tongue in cheek, but I didn’t expect this!

. . . Well, she’s not really a delinquent, but Kurumi’s transformation — appearance-wise, at least, although she’s sharper and more honest now, too — into a total badass gets 100 percent approval from me. Kurumi has that superstar quality, and it has been her destiny throughout the series to flaunt it like nobody’s business. I’m glad she has finally seen the light!

I’m also glad we’re past the silly boy-grabbing plans and dramatics, and that I can actually like Kurumi now without putting up with that bullcrap. In a way, I actually feel the same about this arc (and the series as a whole, really): I want to like the show, because there are several good qualities about it: Looks great; has fun characters; totally nails the slice-of-life, “just shooting the shit” moments; and the show is at least adept at nailing the big, heart-tugging drama moments. But the build-up . . . man, oh man, the build-up.

Maybe I’ve just watched too much moe drama lately (is that even possible for me?!), but Kurumi’s out there scheming never clicked with me from a storytelling standpoint. I couldn’t get riled enough to hate her guts, because like her surface personality, Kurumi’s plan to pry Sawako away from Kazehaya seemed forced, a contrivance. At the same time, it annoyed me enough to where I couldn’t totally enjoy her character, too. But now that Kurumi has lifted the burden of pretending to be someone she is not just so that she can attract Kazehaya’s eye, so too do I feel the disappearance of the burden of not being able to totally appreciate Kurumi because of her stupid plan.

Go on and be a rival, Kurumi!

I’m also glad to see Sawako able to articulate her thoughts and not hide behind her confusion and shyness. It’ll lead to a hell of a lot more teasing from Yano, however, which is fine by me. That girl is quite devious. She still seems to have a mental block when it comes to telling Kazehaya directly, but whatever. Hopefully she’ll be able to get over that soon. The aftermath of the confession is often times more interesting than the endless build to the confession. Just look at Kare Kano — Miyazawa and Arima get that confessing business out of the way in two episodes, and the rest is the aftermath, and it could have been the best anime romantic comedy ever if it hadn’t completely fallen apart by the end. (And there are people who swear by the series despite that. I’d say it’s top three material at least, along with Honey and Clover and Toradora! from what I have seen, although admittedly there are several good ones I haven’t watched.)

Next week’s episode appears to be at least part recap, at least from what Omni says, which is a bit disappointing. But from what I read, it seems to be a bit necessary because while Kimi ni Todoke is slow-paced (to say the least), it is still apparently whipping through the manga — this episode covers the 17th chapter of the manga, out of, I believe, 29 released chapters. So I guess Production I.G needs to put the brakes on things for a moment. Not really too sure how the anime will end because of this, because I doubt the manga is close to ending. I think the manga is fairly popular, so there might be another season in the works, but who knows these days?


4 Responses to “Kimi ni Todoke – 15”

  1. Ugggh, recap? Oh well, guess that post will be easy to write.

    I didn’t quite understand why Ume decided to wear shades. While I get that she chose those obnoxious white shades to show how badass she is now, couldn’t she have just gone with an obnoxious hairstyle instead? I hope she had another devious plan, but it’s looking like the way is clear now for Shota and Sawako to become a couple.

    • fathomlessblue Says:

      i think the whole point of the sunglasses was to disguise the fact she’d been up all night crying, as pin points out to her in the hallway. the fact that they up’d her baddass factor is probably a happy coincidence.

      seriously this show decided to focus on the wrong character, sawako’s great but ayane and ume are the stars for me.

      hopefully next week won’t be a recap and instead has pin having a nervous breakdown throughout the ep. or at last thats what i took from the preview

    • An obnoxious hairstyle also would have been acceptable. It’s not too late for her to continue changing her style!

  2. From certain angles the shades look like they were pulled from the 80s… like the kind of sunglasses I had when I was 5.

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