Ookamikakushi – 3

I think the ratio of crap to good is finally starting to swing toward good a bit more; in a few episodes, once Ookamikakushi gets deeper into the plot, I can see each new episode being pretty damn good. But for now there’s still this formula of “cheesy light on the outside, and disturbing dark on the inside” that falls too often on the cheesy lighthearted moments. Also, there’s a lot of random unintentional hilarity.

The beginning part of this episode is pretty freakin’ boring. There’s no other way to say it. Hiro gets wet, handles his rod in quite the clumsy way and cannot even be satisfied by Isuzu throwing herself at him. The scenario gets interesting only when the episode starts its shift away from the bland, normal stuff and into the creepier, more sinister side of things.

First there are the fishermen, who I suppose are pissed to see these young’uns sexing up their watering hole to such a mortifying degree. They seem like candidates to re-enact Resident Evil 4 to me. If they start speaking Spanish and leaving behind Pesetas when killed, then look out. And of course Issei lends his sweater to Hiro, and later, in the comfort of his darkened room, Issei attacks his sweater, which is lathered with Hiro’s scent, with a ferocity matched only by Frank Booth. We probably do not want to know what he did with the sweater after the camera faded away.

Things get more confusing for Hiro after Issei uses the power of his magic stalking guitar lick to pounce on Hiro after he leaves the hospital (you know how dangerous those colds are!). Then, as George Constanza would say, there was touching and rubbing.

The later parts of the episode make it clear that at least part of Issei’s, er, unusually charged sexuality is from an outside influence — the episode rather bluntly points the viewer into the direction of the Hassaku fruit juice, which I guess has some magical properties that turns people into feral beasts. Take that, Capri Sun! Normally such an obvious solution would make me immediately suspicious of a MacGuffin, but with Ryukishi07 you really never know what the hell actually means something, and what the hell is supposed to make you think it means something but really doesn’t, and what the hell makes you think its existence is meant to trick you but ends up being really important anyway, and so on and so forth. That game just makes my brain explode, so I’ll assume the Hassaku juice does things.

Then we have Nemuru’s uncle, the doctor, up there, who clearly does not meet with Hiro for no reason. If there is one thing Monster taught me, it’s that hospital directors like cases that will bring prestige and money to them. Hiro’s cold brings prestige to nobody. The fact that he draws blood from Hiro makes him more suspicious. If it were Issei, we know that he would probably put the blood in a vial and wear it around his neck, but maybe the doctor needs Hiro’s blood because he’s special or whatever.

He’s also got a little something something on the side via a meeting with the head of a pharmaceutical company. The show does it best to present this meeting as though Nemuru’s uncle is receiving a few kilos of coke from this guy. Or maybe he deals in super-potent versions of Viagra, judging from Issei’s horny wheezing after he pops a couple of pills.

In lieu of tl;dr analysis of Issei coming on to Hiro (because I’m at work and have more pressing things to think about), I shall instead point out how much this scene — and the above screen shot in particular — made me think about this hilarious Gundam 00 AMV. Hungry eyes, indeed.


2 Responses to “Ookamikakushi – 3”

  1. LuniazKun Says:

    Ok, I chuckled at the Viagra idea.

    I also believe that the meeting serves as a distraction to the whole mystery. I don’t think Nemuru’s uncle is a bad guy in the show. The blood drawn from Hiro was probably a test to see whether there is abnormality in his genes, while the pills might be suppressants just like hassaku, but are poor substitutes as they are still in testing.

  2. Those strangers at the fishing site remind me of Yamainu -_-

    Apart of this, the show seem to be focusing on ‘sex drive’ (and the wolf-masks might be Super-ego/Moral guardians???) while Higurashi reflected ‘death drive’ the destructive instinct inside people mind (Oh! Thank you Freud!!!)

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