Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood – 41

Man, I forgot how crazy this moment is. Every shounen hero needs his, “Holy shit, this should totally not be at all possible, but I’m going to overlook it because it’s crazy awesome” moment, and this is Ed’s (or among them, anyway). It’s not every day you pull a steel girder out of your midsection and seal the wound using the power of your soul. Mustang just had to make due with fire.

This episode also allows Kimblee to display his cunning and cold-heartedness. The assassination attempt does not escape his eye for a second (nor should it, because he probably had random people gunning for his life every day in Ishbal), and he uses every available advantage to counter an opponent who is able to get a physical jump on him. (Oh, those ultra-light automail limbs!) Poor Ed also does not count on Kimblee having another Philosopher’s Stone; you gotta expect the unexpected in battle, but at the same time you can’t really blame him for being stunned. That crazy MFer has no qualms about blowing everything the hell up, so for all Ed knew, he could have been a mass of random limbs a few seconds later. At least Kimblee is able to out think his opponent instead of being made to look like an ass.

Ed has some nice strategy of his own, however, by using the ammonia to knock the chimera and their super sniffers on their asses. Oldest trick in the book; if you have an enhanced sense of smell, definitely do not mock your opponent with this information. Even freaking Naruto is intelligent enough to use this to his advantage (albeit not at all on purpose). Luckily, the chimera don’t seem to hold grudges — or, at least, knocking them out with heavy doses of ammonia is small beans compared to recklessly endangering their lives. I think I agree with them on that point.

But, yes, solid fights this episode. I’m a fan of the “anything goes” style of fighting in fiction — when you’re fighting for your life, nothing is out of bounds; otherwise, you’re dead and wishing that you had not thought whatever technique would have saved you (say, kicking a guy in the balls really hard) was out of bounds. Honor doesn’t mean much when you’re not around to enjoy it. It’s better to take advantage of whatever you can to incapacitate the opponent, because he’s likely doing the same to you. The whole “no killing lol” is a bit of a wrinkle, but as Ed shows, with a bit of ingenuity and elbow grease (and poisonous gases), that kind of thing can be worked through without much trouble.

It’s just that you have to deal with steel girders in your abdomen later on. Might be a bit of a sticky situation.

I’m glad to see the chimera join the A-team. They’re obviously not going to be the strongest or most important allies in the series, but wouldn’t it be awesome if you were teamed up with guys who could morph into hulking animals? That would be a huge morale boost for me, personally. “Oh, damn, we are so screw– OH MY GOD, YOU JUST TURNED INTO A LION AND RIPPED THAT ONE GUY’S THROAT, HOLY SHIT.” Eventually, though, I think that outfit would all end up dying horrible deaths because they’d get overconfident and think they’re bulletproof, eventually leading to some sniper proving they are not, in fact, bulletproof. But damn it would be worth it to fight alongside a man-lion.

If there is one guy who is truly a military hero, however, it’s the guy who has to impersonate Al to the point where Kimblee doesn’t suspect a thing (even though Kimblee pretty much suspects something is amiss from the start). What a thankless job this is. He makes himself look like an idiot (“Wait up, Brother!”), and moving around well in that giant ass armor is really difficult. Also, while the obvious explanation is that Ed just fashioned a new armor out of any old metal, I think it is better to assume this guy is an armor enthusiast and had this beauty laying around his room somewhere. Normally he does not like to debase his armor by climbing inside, but for Ed he makes an exception.

So I salute you, random guy imitating Al!


7 Responses to “Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood – 41”

  1. Let me don my Kimblee detective hat for a second

    *err-hum* as you can see from the inside of the armour, there are clear marks of transmutation. Mind you, Ed has to be some amazingly skilled alchemist to copy what Al looks like exaclty. I bet it took him forever to get all the little designs right.

  2. As the heir of the ‘Saotome school of Anything Goes’, I too am a big fan of anything goes… but I think in fiction this generally is not true. For instance, go to any self defense class and the first thing they teach you is kick the attacker in the balls. How many times have you seen something like this in TV/Movies/Anime?

    What I do wonder is not how Ed managed to survive the explosion, but how the hell did he and the chimera manage to survive falling down what looks like a bottomless abyss (you can see when Kimblee drops the stone and it ends up landing beside where Ed is)?

    • clinton Says:

      because if they died we would not have an anime

    • People just like cheering for heroes who are honorable and above “dirty” tactics (which is why “low blows” make you the scum of the universe in, say, pro wrestling, haha). The more “realistic” (as in not superpowered) the story is, the more likely you are to see people fight in a more realistic (i.e. dirty) way.

      • Actually, I hope Ed decides his “no killing” rule is no good at some point. Something like that makes sense in some cases where it’s central to a character’s belief system (like Batman), but here it feels like it’s just something Ed and Al decided on a whim since well… they’re the good guys. Doesn’t mean they have to go on a murdering spree, but sometime’s you just gotta do what you gotta do.

  3. lol, I wondered where they got the armored suit. Ed probably could’ve been pretty honest with Kimblee though. Not like he hadn’t figured out everything that was going on.

    I hope we see some sort of consequence of Ed using his life as a philosopher’s stone to heal himself at some point. I mean, it was a pretty GAR moment, but him “sacrificing” a piece of his life better not become the new deus ex machina to solve all his alchemist problems.

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