Durarara!! – 4

There’s a certain magic and romance to the world on the other side.

Shinra Kishitani has known and lived with Celty Sturluson, the Dullahan, for 20 years. Yet in all that time, his sense of fascination with her — physical, philosophical, spiritual and whatever else — has not diminished at all. He’s interested in her in a scientific sense, but there’s another level to his questions such as his query about how she sees the world: Shinra wants to know not only how Celty sees the world (as in, how she is physically capable of seeing things without eyes, optic nerves, a brain, etc.), but also how she sees the world (as in, how does the way she — a Dullahan, a mythical creature — takes in and evaluates the world differ from the way he — a human — takes in and evaluates the world).

I love that Durarara!! takes the time for its characters to be fascinated by these questions — I mean, I sure as hell am, so why would Shinra also not be curious? The contrast between Celty’s role as a Dullahan (a rider of death and a creature that, if I am understanding correctly, can actively seek out those who will die if it wishes), and the way she acts now (a more noble figure who actually saves people and admonishes people like Izaya, who acts in a more Dullahan-like way than Celty) is interesting to me. This didn’t hit me at first, but thinking about it a bit more, that may add another level to Shinra’s observation that Celty is better without her head.

We know Shinra likes her, although not to what extent. (Love? Lust? Curiosity? It’s not every day you get a chance to screw a mythical creature, after all, although apparently Celty hasn’t gone for it yet.) They’re not married, or anything, but when you know and live with someone for 20 years, you get pretty comfortable with the situation if you like the person. So maybe there’s a bit of selfishness to his sentiment — once Celty gets her head back, in all likelihood she is gone.

But could there be a grain of truth to his statement, too? Celty loses many of her memories along with her head. She knows she is a Dullahan, she knows her name and she also knows how to employ her abilities. But as to why she does what she does, or even her lifetime up to a certain point, Celty is clueless. Since then, though, she seems to have abandoned the role of marking people’s deaths, and acts more as an otherworldly freedom fighter (judging from her saving Rio twice in one night). I don’t think any human would argue that this is better; however, I suppose we don’t know if this is better for her, personally. What kind of function did her killing serve? Did Celty losing her head cause a shift in personality, or has she always been the way she is? A potentially interesting wrinkle: Did Celty save Rio because of some sort of (human) moral obligation, or did she simply sense that it was not Rio’s time to die?

I’m normally not one to theorize about the future events of a show’s plot, mainly because I suck at it, but right now I think there is a decent possibility Shinra’s father somehow got to Celty’s head first. Think about it: A popular theory right now is that Mika Harima is currently “wearing” Celty’s head. From what little we have seen of the head, it seems to match the look of Mika’s head. And Shinra says his father is not like normal people; he takes a willing interest in the supernatural and gleefully examines Celty to see what makes her tick. The wrinkle in this is how the hell Shinra’s dad could possibly find the head before Celty (not to mention keeping the head away from her), but supposing he did, don’t you think he would be the type of person to wonder how well that head could function on a human body?

Does Shinra know more than he is letting on? He is in all likelihood too young to have found Celty’s head and experimented with it himself, but from what he says, he has long been privy to his father’s experiments. If his father performed a particularly nasty experiment with Mika, there’s a good chance Shinra knows about it. This theory does make me wonder about the limits of Celty’s ability to “feel” where her head is, though. Can she just trace it to a certain area? If so, would that mean it was recently taken from her when she “felt” it? Or does the distance not matter?


6 Responses to “Durarara!! – 4”

  1. Bob (joojoobees) Says:

    Interesting theory. Why would someone that loves a woman say she “doesn’t need” a head, as Shinra does? Why would he think she is better off without it unless he actually knows more than Celty?


    • Maybe he’s afraid he’ll lose her if she does find her head. Or maybe because dullahan heads are typically not very pretty looking. :-p

      This was a surprisingly interesting episode for something that was just backstory.

  2. Rhiannon Says:

    I like the theory, but Shinra’s father implanting Celty’s head to Mika Harima doesn’t really make sense to me age-wise.

    I’m assuming Mika Harima is human- and therefore, when Celty lost her head, she would have been pretty young- or perhaps she hadn’t even been born yet. I doubt he could have put an adult-sized head onto a small child’s body.

    And given his eccentricity, as you’ve pointed out, I don’t think he would have held on to it for that long if that idea had occured to him.

    (Or maybe he messed with it, “passed it on” to his son, and when he had more skill, Shinra was the one who did the transplant. o_O)

    • If Mika is indeed “wearing” Celty’s head, then I agree it would have to have been transplanted onto her recently, since the doctor would have to be reasonably sure she had an “adult” body on which to place the head. That said, the timeframe is definitely the Achilles heel in my theory. I don’t completely understand how they could go 20 years without finding the head (assuming it has been in Japan the entire time), and we of course have absolutely no idea when the head could have been found and put on Mika’s body.

      I do like your idea that Shinra was possibly the one who performed the operation after being influenced by his father. I was actually going to suggest that at first, but it seemed slightly weird to me considering he is relatively young . . . but the probable recency of the operation combined with the fact that he has likely been skilled for a few years at least, means he very well could have done it. His dad did a pretty good job of screwing him up, judging by the flashbacks, haha.

      • Hahaha, imagine dating this hot chick, only to find it’s a hot head transplanted on an old saggy body?! That would be terrible!

        You’d think there would be more of a skin tone difference after putting an Irish head on a Japanese body.

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