Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood – 42

Hohenheim – 1, Pride – 0.

Despite Pride’s claim that he has no human emotions aside from his namesake emotion bestowed upon him by Father, Pride sure seems more than a bit peeved the whole time Hohenheim is taunting him, eh? Maybe he’s just clenching his teeth WITH PRIDE!! If he wants to clench his teeth so badly, I think I know some people who can show him a thing or two. But, yeah, Hohenheim shows himself to be a high level trash talker in this episode — I’m proud of him! Starts off as a slave who can’t read or write, and now he could probably survive in the NBA with that trash talk. Good for him!

Definitely a war theme running through this episode, even more than normal episodes of Brotherhood. Definitely have to get it back into people’s mind, because I think the next episode is the point where the story breaks into a sprint and refuses to stop. Everyone has their battles to fight — Mustang’s former subordinates are in the shit everywhere (especially poor Fuery, damn), Hohenheim has officially declared war against Father, Kimblee has goaded Drachma into attacking Briggs, and Envy is back onto the playing field. The Envy bit is something I am especially excited about. Kimblee is an asshole, but Envy is the biggest prick in the series. Stories are more fun when you have such a hateable bastard to root against.

Look at that grin? Don’t you want to punch him?

Circling back to the beginning, the whole way our intrepid researchers find the secrets hidden within Takehito Koyasu Scar’s brother’s book is, er, still as silly as it was when I first read it a few months back. It’s one of those, “Well, the heroes have to find out about this stuff SOMEHOW” plot dealies where it doesn’t really make total sense how the heroes came up with the idea to figure something out, and then the plot kind of sweeps the method under the rug later after the heroes finally have what they need to know.

I felt kind of bad for Al during the first scene, too. It’s convenient for everyone else to take him apart and carry him around that way, of course, but being reduced to carry-on luggage would be a blow to anyone’s ego. At least he wasn’t awake at the time; if it were me who had to be taken apart, I would have been bitching the entire way, and the person carrying my head around would have been miserable.

Anyway, not much else for me to say about this episode, since it’s mostly just moving the plot ahead, so I’ll close this out a bit early. I don’t say this lightly because I hate raising people’s expectations too much, but next week’s episode should be pretty good. Looking forward to it!


5 Responses to “Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood – 42”

  1. Turning the pages upside down seemed like a pretty obvious strategy to me. I must be some kind of alchemic genius.

  2. clinton Says:

    we have had 10 episodes with out my man Envy its nice to see that jerk again

  3. If Scar’s brother used an iPad, they would have solved the upsidedown mystery faster 😦

    At least they saved Al’s hair.

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