Nodame Cantabile Finale – 4

This episode is just making me think even more that Nodame x Chiaki might not happen . . .

A drunken Chiaki gets the whole “sorry I ditched you, Nodame :(” thing over with right away, and Nodame takes it about as well as could be expected. She’s excited that Chiaki was able to achieve something he had been working toward for a long ass time, but at the same time, she’s of course pissed that he ditched her (and went out drinking afterward, haha). Curiously, though, it is Nodame’s reaction to all this that has me thinking she and Chiaki may be drifting apart romantically.

While watching this episode, I couldn’t help but notice that Chiaki and Nodame’s roles switched in regards to how they conceive their relationship: Nodame is the one who can sense that their mutual work is continuing keep them apart, and she is somewhat pessimistic about their chances of reconciling this split; Chiaki, on the other hand, is consumed with thoughts of Nodame and clearly thinks they can stay close while keeping up such hectic schedules. I mean, he just casually throws out that he is going to Italy without giving much thought to it! He doesn’t really seem to view it as a problem; maybe it’s because these things have worked themselves out before in the past for them.

(Side note: I’ve heard that the Nodame Cantabile manga didn’t have a particularly great ending. I don’t want to speculate too much on this, but could it be because Nodame and Chiaki don’t end up together, thus pissing off legions of shippers? Or did the manga author, Tomoko Ninomiya, try to make that ending interesting, and instead botched it? Or do Nodame and Chiaki end up together, and it’s just silly and dumb? By the way, these are all rhetorical questions.)

I’m not exactly sure where I believe the story is going. My giant, sappy heart wants Nodame and Chiaki together, of course, but it seems as if to get that result either Chiaki and Nodame will have to make a huge sacrifice (unlikely considering how hard both have worked, and frankly, I would be pissed off if either just quit music to act as husband/wife for the other), or they will just have to bear with not seeing each other for long amounts of time, unless one of them becomes some crazy music freelancer or something.

My head, though, much as I hate to admit it, thinks it might be kind of interesting if Nodame and Chiaki don’t end up together. It would enrage a shitload of people, obviously (“45 episodes for that?!”), but if pulled off in the right way, it could be a strong ending that really separates Nodame from a good deal of shows. Of course, it would also be kind of depressing to see two characters who clearly care for each other a great deal also be unable to make a romantic relationship work, haha.

Did this Japanese girl even get a name? If she did, I must have missed it completely. Poor girl was marked for failure from the beginning. I suppose she is here to really show the otherworldly passion, dedication and talent these people need to succeed in the music world (which circles around to Nodame and Chiaki’s story, yay!). Some things are just not meant to be for certain people. As a point for Nodame x Chiaki, though, the increased possibility of Tanya x Yasu might hint at an ending where everyone falls in love and is happy. Who’s left for Frank and Li? Maybe they can fight over Rui. Or each other.


6 Responses to “Nodame Cantabile Finale – 4”

  1. The Nodame manga ending makes me a little nervous too. I mean, I know nothing except that people aren’t happy. Now if Chiaki and Nodame didn’t end up together, I’d imagine people would be livid. But that doesn’t seem to be the case. Which makes me think that the ending might just have been a little ambiguous or like you say, silly and dumb. I’m just speculating here. I don’t actually want to know until I see it. :-p

  2. Bob (joojoobees) Says:

    As long as we’re speculating: My guess is that Nodame becomes an excellent pianist who can tour with Chiaki (replacing Rui). This reconciles the professional burdens keeping them apart, and also fulfills A dream of Nodame since season 1.

    On another note, can Chiaki just head off to Italy like that? I would imagine Stresemann would be pissed.

    • Well, that’s the obvious direction it would take, isn’t it? You’d think that would be nice and work out well for everyone . . . but still, the fan reaction has me wondering . . . ah well, can’t really judge until you see it for yourself, after all.

  3. I think their relationship is what I like best about everything. it’s just as messed up as real relationships and i’m sure a lot of people can understand a lot more because of that. I still wanna see them together though XD

  4. Rikku Says:

    Do not fear XD.

    I’ve already read the manga ending and well, it’s not bad but the fans complain because:

    a) The final manga chapter is boring if you consider how intense the climax was.

    b) They forget that Nodame Cantabile is a josei and not a shoujo. Most of fans were expecting a totally happy and cheesy ending with a wedding, fireworks, a huge piano concerto, et cetera (a typical “and they lived happily forever”), but NC remains realistic ’till the very end.

    Now, if you call “ending” not just the final chapter, but the last manga volume, IMHO I think the ending is good.

    I hope my comment make you feel less worried.

    P.S: English isn’t my native language.

    • Well, that makes me feel better about the eventual finale! From all the complaining, I thought the whole ending would be a disaster, but if it is as you describe, while not perfect, it’s still a far better scenario.

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