Ookamikakushi – 5

Oh no, he’s giving her the AIDS, run away!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, Ookamikakushi seemingly throws the viewer a few more bones (lol) with this episode: The horny wolf disease actually is a physically transferable disease — in fact, just getting to first base with a carrier seems to be enough to catch it, at least according to the town’s Sex Police. (Alternative name: The Cockblock Cops. In fact, that is the moniker I will stick to from now on.) I do wonder, however, if this is the only way to get the disease, or if certain people in this town possess genetic traits that make them more susceptible to it. Or maybe Issei just made out with someone in a bad crowd and caught the horny. Who knows?

The idea of a mass disease infecting everyone in a village is obviously not new ground for Ryukishi07; it’s pretty much the basis for Higurashi. I don’t want to throw out Higurashi spoilers out of nowhere for those who have yet to see that series (I watched it about a year ago, myself), but let’s just say I am wondering more about the disease’s origins. Is it man-made, or is it naturally occurring? The question of catching the disease is important, too. Sexual/romantic stimulation has been shown to be one way of catching the disease, but we cannot be sure at if there are other ways to get it. (There’s a lawsuit waiting to happen if you get a bad blood transfusion.)

Like RP, I am wondering why moving to the “old town” is such a bad thing. Is it a status issue? Is residence in the old town seen as a punishment for infected families? Or are they just all assholes down there? I suppose they’re trying to keep up some hope during rough times, but it really does seem as if they give up on Issei rather easily. Life kind of really sucks in this town. Due to the nature of the disease, though, I gather that they cannot venture too far out of the town’s borders, so they’re kind of screwed in that way, as well.

When Isuzu returns to school, she reacts to Hiro in a somewhat cold manner at first. (In fact, I briefly thought her blaming Hiro for Issei’s death might be what leads to her crazy down the road.) But with Isuzu’s admission that Issei was murdered — despite Nemuru sashaying down the hall with that, “Bitch, you better keep your mouth shut” look on her face — it appears as if she will stay close with Hiro for at least a bit longer, even though that may lead to the activation of the Horny Wolf Syndrome. Somehow it makes sense that the first girl to be attracted to Hiro might turn out to be a flesh-tearing feral beast.

(Random aside: That commercial for the movie about the starving dogs ripping that guy apart cracked me up. Maybe it’s because they had — I believe — Fumihiko Tachiki doing the narration. He gives that just the right amount of gravitas.)

I like this scene because it’s a rare peek into the remorse Nemuru probably feels at having to keep up a constant cycle of repression and slaughter. (Same as when the leader of the Wolf Brigade sheds a few tears at having to slice up Issei.) It actually makes me wonder more about Hiro’s role in all this. Were things in town OK before Hiro moved in? Do the town n00bs screw up the town’s carefully cultivated balance? Then again, Nemuru doesn’t really seem to react in a negative way to Kaname — it is just Hiro who earns her ire. Maybe dudes just suck. Or it’s Hiro who sucks.


2 Responses to “Ookamikakushi – 5”

  1. random Says:

    only thing i wonder about is how hiro is related to all this ;;

  2. im still confuse with the story

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