Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood – 43

Just had to use that eyecatch as the lead image because it looks so badass.

Anyway, this episode just reminds me of how scrambled my memory of the manga is. I thought there was a bit more comedy in this episode than in the corresponding manga chapters . . . but it’s actually about the same. And I thought the after-credits ending cut off at a strange point, but that manga chapter ends at that point, too. So, basically, I know nothing. They do say the mind is the first thing to go . . .

For all those — including me! — who enjoy nothing more than seeing Envy get his ass handed to him, this is your episode! There are not many things more fun than seeing some douche get his or her arrogance turned against ’em. Envy even gets the dreaded ice finger up the butt because he believes he can outsmart all those puny humans. There’s a lesson in there somewhere. (And by “somewhere” I don’t mean Envy’s ass, because that would be gross.)

The whole plan might seem like an obvious trap, but unfortunately for Envy he was not wired by Father to consider that possibility. Envy hates humans because he secretly believes they’re awesome and he sucks, so he overcompensates by screwing with humanity in the most evil ways possible and by believing everything he does is the most hilarious trolling in history. After decades — maybe even centuries? — of doing this, he actually thinks his trolling makes him more awesome than humans, and thinks they can’t do shit to stop him ever. (Plus, he probably saw The Dark Knight and thought of himself as The Joker, out to prove that people can be as crazy and horrible as he is.) So he goes up north and sees Marcoh and is even more confident because Marcoh is just some loser human . . . and boom! Ice fingered.

He doesn’t see it coming because he’s wired to be such an asshole that he can’t see it coming. It would be like if sand were somehow a sentient being and trapped Anakin Skywalker in a dune and crushed him to death. How would he see it coming? Sand sucks, and he hates it.

Speaking of characters being huge douches, it’s not a huge or even a very annoying cut, but I do wish there had been a bit of extra time available for Kimblee to mock the Drachma commander and smirk at him being fooled into letting his army be slaughtered. It’s a pretty smart — and depressing — plot by the villains: Play the rival regions against each other and revel in the bloodshed. Doesn’t really matter whose blood is spilled on the crucial point as long as blood is spilled. So while Envy is busy being fooled by the humans, Kimblee is successfully pulling off a massive death troll. Well played, you bastard. Well played.

The conversation between Wrath and Riza is interesting. I like when these little slivers of humanity make their way through in his behavior. Wrath has a ton of power, but everything he has is basically not his to own — all of it is granted to him by Father. For a guy so full of wrath, it must piss him off, even if it’s a tiny bit, that he does not have anything that is truly under his control, although he would never go against Father and admit this. But he is able to choose his wife, which is a pretty significant choice since it completes his human disguise. No word on how hot she was back in the day, though.

Haha, I feel sorry for Alex. Unfortunately, sparkles just are not the kind of thing that will impress Olivier. Maybe if they were covered with death spikes and were embedded in the heads of Briggs’ enemies. He should work on that. Anything to make her forget him coming home early from Ishbal.

8 Responses to “Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood – 43”

  1. Envy totally got his ass handed to him. To find out that the guy is actually just this tiny worm pretty much tells you the psychology behind him. I guess he’s always been a little peeved that he was a worm, and when he got the power to be a Homunculus, he used that as much as possible.

  2. clinton Says:

    I think its a really bad idea to send Envy to xing to give the the ruler the secret to immorality look at episode 40 little thing in flask talks to king about the secret to immortality now Envy is a little thing inside a jar going to talk the emperor about the secret to immortality we all know how turned out xerves Envy knows what father did and how he did it if he is given to the king it could be very bad

    also i think that Ed should have fought Envy there they just seem like rivals (added on the last time he fought Envy he got his ass handed to him)

    its a good thing marcoh knows how to destroy the stones if he did not their group would have been dead

  3. Clinton Says:

    here for the hell of it the homunculi ages

    Pride over 300 years old
    Lust 250 to 300
    Greed around 200
    Envy 175 to 200
    Sloth 100 to 150
    Gluttony a little over 100
    Wrath 59 maybe 60 by now

  4. So Envy was a worm. Pride was a… blobby thing. I wonder if all the homunculii have such pitiful cores. They should’ve killed him though. If they couldn’t get any info out of him, they should’ve killed him. Clearly he’s going to come back some how, some way.

    I wanna see an OVA of the Armstrongs taking a family vacation more than anything.

  5. dr.doom Says:

    Envy is a major fail-troll. I like how those he get reverse-trolled by the humans.

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