Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood – 44

Whoa snap, 150th post — fitting that it is spent on a series I have been following since I started a few months back.

Three different moods run through this episode of Brotherhood, and they’re all nailed fairly well: The subdued, somewhat melancholy feel of Hohenheim and Alphonse’s reunion; the crazy fun of Ed’s return to action after recovering from his injuries; and the intensity of Ling forcing Greed to come to terms with his past self, and his attack against Wrath that provides the cliffhanger to the episode. No big plot revelations (though some solid foreshadowing), but this is a good episode for juggling the main stories pretty damn well and not beating the viewer over the head with Mood Whiplash. Well done.

Omni calls Ling’s speech to Greed “very shounen manga-esque” (meant as a compliment), and I would agree with that. The only way to get through to someone like Greed is to out badass him. Simple emotion can only take you so far with him — sure, he realizes he feels something for Bido, whom he ruthlessly cuts down moments before Ling confronts him. Greed wants to own everything; he’ll always appreciate someone who helps him get closer to that goal, and he’ll decry anyone who takes his underlings from him. But he’s also a stubborn guy. Greed does things on his terms. One of Al’s emotional speeches would not have done jack for Greed. He listens to Father only because Father is able to out badass him.

So Ling headbutts Greed, tells him to grow some balls and man the fuck up, and Greed realizes what a pussy he has been by guarding Father’s underground lair like some douchebag instead of taking action like he wants to do deep down. (Ironically, Ling is of course speaking up so that he can have a chance of taking his own body back, but that should be even more reason for Greed to man up.) The fight between Ling and Wrath should be awesome next episode. I don’t remember it being too long (so it will probably be about 2-3 minutes in the next episode), but it’s paced quickly and intensely throughout, so that will be fun.

Moving on to Hohenheim and Al . . . there’s a bit cut out at the beginning from where they first spot each other, and Al is all, “Dad!!” and Hohenheim responds, “My vintage armor!!” Funny line, but I’m not crying any tears about it being gone, so whatever. Makes sense to jump right into the awkwardness of a father and son who have not seen each other in years trying to rebuild some sort of relationship. At their core, Hohenheim and Al just want to be normal, right? The former wishes he could be a real father for his sons, and the latter wants his true body back. And these two who are so abnormal are trying desperately to establish some sort of normal relationship while also trying to figure out how to stop the world from going to hell. Really hits the heart without being completely overbearing.

(Random side note: Does anyone have a cuter voice than Satsuki Yukino? Her performance as Rose doesn’t even sound like it’s trying to be cute — she just is cute. There are a lot of voice actors who play up their cuteness — even if it’s just a little bit — but Yukino is just effortless at it. Damn. We can have more Rose, right?)

Then there’s Ed’s section of the episode, where everything comes off like a fun as hell action flick. The drumroll during the reveal of Ed’s face reminded me a lot of movies like Patton, where Gen. Patton would be the center of attention everywhere, and whenever he was around, you knew something awesome would happen because he’s fucking Patton. If a couple of airplanes had flown low to the ground, missed Ed even though they emptied their whole clips at him while firing and then Ed took them down by blasting two revolvers at them, I would not have been shocked. If this isn’t a true blue Big Damn Heroes entrance, then I give up.

(Could there be a funnier food item for him to be carrying than french bread, by the way? Maybe if he had a bag of potato chips.)

Ed and the chimera make a fun team. You know you have chemistry with someone when you’ve already got a nickname for him or her within a few episodes of meeting for the first time. Donkey Kong should just get it over with and toss barrels at his enemies. Do it for the fans. (Side note: Very impressive of Ed to give a nickname to a guy that references a game made 50 years or so after the events of the series — and in an alternate universe, even, if we’re going by the first FMA. Well done.) Fun car chase, too, even if Ed has awful taste in car transmutations. Good lord.

Also, Ed’s pony tail in combination with Romi Paku’s voice has me constantly thinking of Hamyuts Meseta from Book of Bantorra, even though I dropped that series a few months ago. Argh.


4 Responses to “Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood – 44”

  1. vucubcaquix Says:

    Congrats on 150! :BROFIST:

    I’ve been reading for a while, and I’ll stick with you for a while yet.

  2. clinton Says:

    you wanted to know the source for ages its the guide book

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