Hilariously Inappropriate EDs

Anime EDs have it rough. In general, they don’t really get the fanfare received by OPs, even though they have a tougher job — OPs are able to set the tone for a series and can pretty much be whatever they want given those bounds. EDs, however, have the burden of playing after a viewer has been swept up in the emotion of an episode. Often times they have to let you down gently after a roller coaster ride, which doesn’t give them nearly as much room to be memorable as OPs. (Not that many EDs don’t manage to be memorable despite this.)

If an ED sounds even a little bit off, then things can get awkward in a hurry. As an anime fan, if you watch enough series, you are bound to come across a few shows with EDs that sound completely wrong. Mood Whiplash is a common occurrence with these songs, I find. Maybe a certain episode will have a particularly dramatic end, you’re completely caught up in all the emotions . . . and the ED smacks you upside the head and is completely disorienting. Perhaps these songs are not bad on their own; however, when connected with the wrong series, even a good song can quickly turn to crap.

So let’s pay tribute to some EDs that make for awkward listening (and viewing!) experiences!

This is “Rock the LM.C” from Red Garden, which inspired this post. Now, Red Garden is not a particularly happy series. One episode ends with the four main women draped over corpses, crying their eyes out. Kind of depressing. So you can only imagine how bizarre it is to see an ending like that and then immediately transition to, “ROCK! ROCK! THE LM.C!”

It’s just a gigantic dose of WTF. It would be like attending your mom’s funeral, and then immediately after your best friend yells, “LET’S GO TO A WHOREHOUSE YEAHHHHHHHHH” right in your ear. What the fuck, buddy? Let me mourn for a few minutes, and THEN we can go whoring. Jesus.

Next we have “Calling” from Baccano! It’s not a bad song, but I always thought it sounded WAY too conventional for a series like Baccano! I never felt as if I needed to be let down gently after the twists and turns of its stories and the, “Oh snap, shit’s getting real now!!” cliffhangers that end each episode. If anything, the series could have used something a bit wilder to keep the blood flowing after all that awesome. The ED is the one aspect of Baccano! that truly disappoints me.

Here we have Love Hina‘s ED, “Kimi Sae Ireba”, at the behest of a good friend of mine. I’ve never actually watched Love Hina, myself (blasphemy?), but according to my buddy, the song does not really fit the series in any way unless “you’re Keitarou and in despair from the constant abuse”. So there’s that.

“Torch” from Clannad ~After Story~ is one of the more infamous recent examples of inappropriate EDs. It is no secret at all that After Story — particularly in the second half goes for tearjerker endings. The show wants you to cry, and it wants you to cry hard. If we accept that this is the case, then what the fuck does the show want you to do when the credits start rolling? It’s an enormous sugary bitchslap of Mood Whiplash. I get the feeling KyoAni knew “Torch” would work for the final episode (which it absolutely does) and then hoped it would fit in with the rest of the series somehow (which it absolutely does not).

I don’t know if my final example, “Mystic Eyes” from Escaflowne, is a more egregious example of an inappropriate ED than After Story‘s; frankly, I just enjoy mocking the bad parts of Escaflowne. And “Mystic Eyes” distinguishes itself from its competitors by being not only an inappropriate song for the series but also a fucking terrible song period. When I hear “Mystic Eyes” I feel like I am about to take some knock-off Ecstasy in a shitty rave nestled in the butt crack of Los Angeles.

To be fair to the song, though, it probably is the most appropriate of these five EDs considering how utterly god awful Escaflowne‘s second half is. I certainly cannot think of a song more fitting to hear after watching yet another episode further the show’s abysmal Allen-Hitomi-Van love triangle.

Anyway, that is enough from me. I’m sure everyone out there has more examples of inappropriate EDs to share. Go for it!

23 Responses to “Hilariously Inappropriate EDs”

  1. While Love Hina may seem like crap in this day and age, the most rememberable (REMEMBRALL!!!)…uhh, the most reminiscent is that ED… for me at least. Hearing it today, it probably is too wishy-washy for Love Hina, but you can’t go wrong with Megumi!

    Other than that, RAWK!! RAWK!! IT’S DAH EL-EM-SEE!!! =D

  2. frog212 Says:

    I TOTALLY AGREE with your first three. Red Garden’s ED just gave me a big wtf moment and I hated Baccano! ‘s ending with a passion. I loved the series just hated the ending. It has been a long time since I watched Love Hina but yea that ending doesnt flow with what I remember about that show. I’ve never watched or will watch Clannad so I guess I’ll have to take your word for it.

  3. i haven’t seen Red Garden but i completely agree with all the others. Baccano’s ed made me so mad because the op is full of complete win and i expected a win ed to compliment it. Love Hina’s ed while a cute song totally doesn’t fit XD PS you should totally watch it πŸ˜‰ don’t get me started on Clannad ASS ed aside >.<

  4. Some of those are pretty inappropriate, but my personal favorite is “Sexy Sexy,” the ED for Ghost Stories. Coming at the end of what is ostensibly a kid’s show, the lyrics describe some very “adult” situations. Of course it fits right in with ADV’s hilarious dub, but I can’t see how they’d include a song like that in the original broadcast. Super catchy, but totally inappropriate.

  5. Landon Says:

    I figured Red Garden’s ending was trying to emphasize the “Americanness” of the series. “Those yankees like that rap rock shit, right? Linkin Park and Limp Bisquik and all that, right? So let’s have the ending do just that.” I liked it for that, since it doesn’t make sense for a series set in the US to have Japanese pop music. I love the opening song to Red Garden, but it’s SO Japanese that it doesn’t make sense in context.

    As for Escaflowne, yeah, it doesn’t make a lick of sense to be tacked onto that series, but I gotta admit a certain amount of nostalgic pining for that song. It’s cheesy in the ways I like music to be cheesy.

  6. ROCK! ROCK! THE LMC! I was always just excited for the ED to be coming on!

    The Baccano ED sucks hard nuts. No idea what the fuck they were thinking there.

    Escaflowne ED is appropriate if you are watching the show for the real reasons – sexy dudes.

    • Haha, well, I do give credit to the Red Garden ED for being exciting. Maybe that and Baccano! should switch EDs.

      “Escaflowne ED is appropriate if you are watching the show for the real reasons – sexy dudes.”

      Needs moar Dilandau, in that case.

  7. I racked my brain trying to come up with some other examples of inappropriately bad ED songs. Sora no Woto and Sasameki Koto both have ordinary EDs, but they’re not too bad. Hyakko and The Daughter of Twenty Faces both have EDs which don’t fit their respective anime… both songs are by Hirano Aya (and I’m convinced the only reason she was even in Hyakko is because she’s Hirano Aya). I was never a fan of the ARIA The Origination ED, but I guess we just got spoiled by the ED songs from the previous seasons.

    But yeah, it’s pretty hard to think of a more inappropriate use of an ED than “Torch”, particularly after things like *spoiler* Nagisa dying *spoiler*. The worst thing about it is that they had an appropriate ED for those moments, they just chose not to use it. Want the emotions of the episode to linger? “Dango Daikazoku”. BAM… now you’ll be crying five minutes after the episode finishes.

  8. The Baccano ending may be inappropriate, but that’s the industry standard. A lot of action-packed shows have slow endings for no apparent reason.

  9. Haha, I laughed at how bad some of these are, especially LM.C, Mystic Eyes, and Torch’s inclusion. The others are just bad within the context of the show, but were hardly deal-breakers. Thankfully, my memory regarding bad EDs isn’t that good, so it’d have to be as bad as those three you mentioned to really register in my memory.

    You are right in one thing though: EDs are far less memorable than OPs and as I sit here racking my brain, only a few prominent ones come to mind. A real shame too.

    • Yeah, an ED would have to be pretty damn bad to be a deal-breaker, haha. Even something as goofy as “Mystic Eyes” didn’t drive me from Escaflowne. (That was the plot’s job!)

  10. I’ve usually placed the blame of not understanding what was going on in Neon Genesis Evangelion on its ending song. The ending is the time when I’m trying to put together what happened in the episode in my mind and all thats going through my mind at the time is that stoopid engrish ‘Fly Me to the Moon’.

    Otherwise, there’s the Kurenai ending although that was less inapropriate and more a terrible song

    • Haha, when I first watched Evangelion I skipped OPs and EDs altogether. I think it has been only in the past year or two that I’ve watched them.

  11. Will of the wisp Says:

    On the other hand, there are some very appropriate EDs. I am thinking of Natsume Yuujin, or Honey and Clover.

  12. I generally don’t pay a lot of attention to anime OP and ED, but one ending comes to my mind and I’m sure lots and lots of people will disagree with me: the first ending of Naruto, “Wind”. It’s weird to hear a song that’s completely in English when you’ve just watched a show that’s chocked full of ninjas, Japanese mythology and Japanese youth frustrations (i.e. the “proving my own existence” thing). It’s even more weird when the “English” is actually “Engrish”. But it’s absolutely horrible when such weird Engrish lyrics and such a mediocre singer just HAD to be given to one of the nicest melodies and instrumental accompaniments I’ve ever heard…ugh… On the other hand, it does pair up quite nicely with the OP, which has its own share of Engrish lyrics πŸ˜€

    Yeah EDs have it pretty tough. For quite a large chunk of my life, I hated all EDs simply because when they come on, it means my shows are over (for the day/week/etc) πŸ˜› When I was a kid, I’d become incredibly sad when Doraemon’s ED “Aoi Sora wa Pocket sa” starts playing. Listening to it now, I realize that it’s actually quite a soothing and whimsical song (its first line goes something like: “The blue sky is a pocket that holds happiness), but I still feel sad when I hear it XD

    • Haha, I can identify with that. It doesn’t happen often, but sometimes I’ll be so into an episode that I don’t realize it’s ending, and then the ED will start rolling and I’ll be like, “NOOOOOOOOO MUST HAVE MORE”

  13. […] posting about some inappropriate EDs last week, I thought a bit more about the subject, specifically about what the hell we expect from OPs and […]

  14. While not necessarily inappropriate, Evangelion’s ED is kind of annoying for spawning 999999999999999999 different versions of Fly me to the Moon.

  15. Sunagan Says:

    Right on the mark with Clannad After Story xD! You’re sitting there with a teary face trying to comprehend the horrors on your screen, then the ED kicks in leaving you with a mood hangover…

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