Ookamikakushi – 7

MAL has Ookamikakushi listed at 12 episodes right now. For anyone who has played the visual novel and knows how much story is left, does this seem like a good number? I want it to be 12 episodes mostly because I don’t know that 24-26 episodes of glacial pacing and stalling is going to be very fun to watch. (And of course 24-26 episodes of Hiro, yuck.)

Basically this episode makes things clearer and catches Hiro up on important plot points that just about everyone who has watched the series has guessed about by now. Too bad Hiro doesn’t have Internet access in his town — he could just hit up a few bloggers and know exactly what is going down. That is reason No. 666 why the Internet has made everyone’s lives better.

The people of this town (or at least a good portion of them) are werewolves of sorts. They can feel their symptoms by day (which is why Issei is so horny for Hiro-kun 24/7), but the blood red moon in combination with those sexual feelings provides the impetus for the transformation. And that transformation is a big no-no, which is why the Cockblock Cops are on constant patrol to keep people from transforming, and quarantining those who could potentially transform, such as the girl to whom Issei gave herpes the disease.

I suppose the Cockblock Cops don’t like meddling kids snooping into the background of the town, either, though I don’t know why this officer in particular had to break out the creepy, “raep tiem nao” breathing. Settle down, man! (Also, if they don’t want people to know their secrets, why the hell do they keep materials relating to this in a public library? They must have really low expectations for people if they believe nobody will ever find this book and put the pieces together.)

There are still plenty of mysteries remaining, though, such as the list Hiro is on. Is he immune to the Werewolf Disease? Or does he somehow have properties that just drive werewolves to the point of ecstasy? (That has to be a crappy life, right? His particular pheromones drive werewolves bonkers. And I thought I had bad luck with women!) What does Sakaki want with the list? My guess is the reason Hiro is on that list is also the reason why Sakaki wants his help. He still seems pretty shady, though — he’s fighting mainly to stick it to the Man(Wolf) for killing off his girlfriend. But beyond that, is he really a good guy in all of this?

Going back to the girlfriend, though — how did she get the disease (assuming that is the reason why she was killed)? Was she making out with wolves all over the place? Or is there another way to get the disease? Going back to Kaname for a bit, what exactly are “fallen”, and how do they differ from the “Gods”, if at all? “Fallen” brings to mind fallen angels — or maybe just regular people. Kaname smells different to that girl; maybe she smells different because she’s just a regular person and has no trace of the disease.

And there is still of course the matter of the different symptoms Kaori is showing. Again, I wonder if she has a more advanced version of the disease, or if it is something else entirely. Is she related to Sakaki’s murdered girlfriend? Maybe her arm is a result of being resurrected in some way. Or maybe I am completely off. Haha.

So there’s the list Hiro is on. I don’t if anyone who comes here knows Japanese, but I figure it’s worth a shot. I doubt there will be much illuminating information there — probably just vital statistics — but hey. You never know. Next episode appears as if it will actually be somewhat exciting to watch, with Sakaki taking on Nemuru to get some vengeance now that he knows Nemuru is the one slicing wolves up to and fro.

One more thing: Visually, I think this episode is pretty good, with the weird tilted angles and the claustrophobic shots. Not terribly complex stuff, but it does add to the atmosphere.


One Response to “Ookamikakushi – 7”

  1. It’s probably not, but #5 looks like a kid version of the guy that handed the envelope to pharma dude.

    I was disappointed when I saw that they capped the number of episodes at 12. For me that definitely hurts the ceiling for this show. I was hoping there’d be a couple arcs that would build on each other, but now I guess we’re just getting this one.

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