Durarara!! – 7


The title of the episode — “Badass Dude” — doesn’t joke around. Shizuo is a badass dude, even if he does not particularly enjoy his fits of badassery. Omni’s comparison of Shizuo to the Incredible Hulk is apt. Shizuo isn’t exactly abnormal when nobody is bothering him. His appearance might be different (I guess the dyeing of the hair is to give him an image more befitting of his wild reputation), but he isn’t really prowling around like a pissed-off tiger looking for trouble. Poor guy just has the shortest fuse in existence.

(By the way, I love the nonsensical ritual Shizuo performs before he lets loose all the violent feelings that build up inside him. It’s not that he has to put out his cigarettes before he goes on the attack — rather, I get the feeling he started smoking cigarettes because they are the item that makes most sense to be snapped in two and stomped on.)

It is kind of a head trip to see these three going to high school together — the same high school that the young’uns of today are attending, even. (Of course!) Shinra is a shifty little creeper as expected. That guy just rubs me the wrong way, even if the show is trying to deflect attention away from him by making Seiji’s sister appear uber-suspicious. I’m with Scamp in not trusting that guy as far as I can throw him. (My estimate: About five or six feet or so. I’m not that strong, or anything, but Shinra has to be a pretty light dude.)

The real trip, though, is seeing Izaya in school. He just seems like someone who exists completely outside normality. Izaya has acted as an actively corrupting force, yes, but it’s mostly on his terms; the guy acts like a phantom who can appear wherever and whenever he pleases. Izaya is less a normal human being than a possibly supernatural force. The idea of him growing up and progressing through middle school and high school is just unfathomable to me. Izaya is of course shown to be as much of an asshole in high school as he is now. Could he have had something up his sleeve even then, though?

Izaya has a clear interest in Shizuo. He could just want to fuck with the guy, and I don’t doubt that is part of the fun for Izaya. However, there is also Shizuo’s statement that he gets stronger every time he hurts himself after one of his rages and heals — is this something we should take literally, or is this something Shizuo believes because he gives in more and more to those episodes of rage and violence? It could just be an amusing jab at the kind of physical development you see in shounen series: The very idea is Dragon Ball Z-esque, no? The more the Saiyans fight, the stronger they get. Is Shizuo literally OVER 9000, or does he just believe himself to be? Shinra certainly thinks there is something different about Shizuo’s physical make-up (you’d think there would HAVE to be since he is so damn strong), and perhaps Izaya believes so too.

In the previous episode, Kyohei raises the possibility that Izaya is the man at the top of Dollars. This could be true, or it could be a complete misdirection. I’m not really sure about that yet, myself. But let’s just say it is true. Wouldn’t it make sense? He’s got ready-made gangs to throw at Shizuo (one group supposedly belonging to Dollars has already fought Shizuo that we know of, although, ironically enough, they were after Izaya) and continually push his strength to the limit — and Izaya apparently has the backing of yakuza groups as well. He’s got all the manpower he needs to attack Shizuo 24/7 and test his limits.

But why would he do this? I don’t know if there is a specific reason. Shizuo would certainly never aid Izaya with anything. Maybe Izaya just wants to see another force that is as violent and corrupting as he is. Maybe he is just curious as to what will happen when Shizuo finally does reach his limit. Or maybe he really just is an enormous asshole.

One final thing before closing this post out: Anyone have any clue who this guy could be? He’s pretty clearly highlighted during one of Shizuo’s schoolyard fights, so we’re supposed to notice him and keep him in mind. Could he be a younger version of someone we have already seen, or he is yet another yet to be introduced character?

17 Responses to “Durarara!! – 7”

  1. He’s young Dotachin.

  2. Yeah, I’m pretty sure that’s Dotachin. It’s hard to tell without that sock on his head but there’s nobody else it fits as.

    I can’t work out Izaya’s intentions here. It fits quite nicely if you assume he’s doing this all for kicks but I wouldn’t rule out there being something about him we haven’t been told yet. He still has yet to have his episode narrated to there’s plenty to him we haven’t been told.

    • I’m going to be pretty damn giddy when his episode comes up! It would be kind of funny if he were way more mundane than everyone expects.

  3. I personally think Shizuo painting his hair was actually an attempt to repel people away from him. After that little incident at the shop, Shizuo probably just wants to live his life in peace, but of course, Izaya loves him too much to let him off the hook. That reminds me… in beginning, Kanra (Izaya) seems pretty ecstatic talking about Shizuo’s rampage in Ikebukuro; I wonder if Izaya is doing this specifically to direct attention to Shizuo and/or rile up the city?

    • It’s probably a mix of repelling people and wanting a fresh start. Different look = different person, or so people would like to believe.

  4. Lacri Says:

    Ah, how I love Izaya and Shizuo. And Shinra, despite the fact that the guy is probably the strangest person in the anime. To me, anyway.

    I can guarantee one thing – Izaya is not the leader of the Dollars. It’s too obvious that he would do something like that. And from what we’ve learned of the Dollars, the leader wants to remain hidden. Izaya is completely opposite of that.

    • That’s what is holding me back from committing to the idea that Izaya is the leader of Dollars. (Well, that and the series would not just point out who the leader is without any mystery. :p) If Izaya’s plan is to deflect the possibility of his being the leader by appearing so much in the open, it’s not really working since Kyohei suspects him of being the leader . . .

  5. Gunslinger Says:

    Actually the thing about shizuo getting stronger each time is based on real science. Its proven that after a bone injury excess calcium gets deposited on the spot to strengthen it. That is also the reason karate guys keep hitting bricks all day, increases calcium deposits

    • Now that you mention it, I remember reading something similar while taking biology way back when. (It’s why when you run, you have to work your way up to harder surfaces; otherwise, your bones will never have an opportunity to strengthen themselves, and they’ll be more prone to fractures/breaks.)

      We don’t know if Durarara!! is just exaggerating science, or if there really is something more behind Shizuo’s strength, but it is an interesting thought.

  6. frog212 Says:

    Does Shizuo even know who Dotachin is? Dotachin was always like heyyy? Shizuo walks by without turning his head. Prolly doesnt realize they went to the same high school together.

    • Haha. For whatever reason I thought they had crossed paths in the series at one point, but while looking through posts on previous episodes, I didn’t find anything that suggested they have. (And my memory is notoriously unreliable.) They have probably bumped into each other a few times on the mean streets of ‘Bukuro, however. Everyone seems to know each other here.

  7. I spoiled myself about the indentity of the Dollars leader sometime ago. Watching the series knowing that, they’ve been giving a lot of clues about it, and it’s pretty obvious when you look at the actions of that character carefully.

  8. I never thought about it being odd that Izaya would participate in something as normal as going to school – but you’re right! I wonder if they ever managed to get through school though, what with Shizuo’s deep dislike for the man (going as far as being able to smell him) and Izaya constantly giving Shizuo a reason not to like him. And I wouldn’t be surprised if Izaya actually had plans for Shizuo’s superhuman strength; he’s crafty like that, after all.

    • Haha, I’m just imagining Izaya and Shizuo at the school’s graduation, Shizuo barely holding in his utter contempt for Izaya until Izaya does something to annoy the piss out of Shizuo, and they fight and ruin the whole ceremony. And of course Shinra would be the valedictorian, trying to finish his speech and also holding back his enormous glee at Izaya and Shizuo fighting yet again.

  9. Redprint Says:

    Haha I liked that episode yeas I did.
    Have you ever had something like Shizuo, seeing someone and immediately got pissed off? I haven’t though I’ve heard of those who have. I also accidentally spoiled myself about Dollars’ leader, and it hit me really hard. Didn’t expect that.

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